Giving a clarification on the controversy erupted after UIDAI’s (The authority which issues Aadhaar card) outdated and invalid toll-free number appeared in contact list of people using Android phones, Google took the responsibility for the outdated number appearing in people’s contact list and gave a clarification that it was inadvertently coded with the Android setup wizard and remained in devices. Google conveyed this to a technology news portal. Earlier in the day, UIDAI also gave a clarification on the issue saying that it did not ask any mobile manufacturer, service provider for providing any such facility whatsoever.

UIDAI further said that a helpline number showing up in people’s contact list was not a valid UIDAI toll-free number. It added that it has appeared due to vested interests who are trying to create confusion among the people. Issuing a statement on the matter, Google said that they have found in their internal review that UIDAI helpline number and 112 distress helpline numbers were inadvertently coded into the setup wizard of the Android release which was given to OEMs to be used in India. Google said that in their internal review they have found that the numbers since then have remained there.

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Further speaking on the matter, Google said that a team was working on the issue and it will be resolved in the forthcoming release of the setup wizard following which it will be provided to OEMs.

The numbers were also reflected in phone-book of people using iPhones primarily because they synced their contact list with Google. Google said that people can manually delete the UIDAI number showing up in people contact list.

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