Honda unveils new helmet equipped with rear-facing radar system, files patent

Japanese automaker Honda has filed a patent for its new invention – a helmet equipped with a rear-facing radar system.  The system installed in the helmet can detect fast-approaching vehicles in the back and accordingly alert the rider in case of any danger. The helmet is fitted with a rear camera that captures the movement of vehicles and send the visuals to an in-built sensor  in the system, which then further processes the visuals and inform the driver in case of an immediate danger, a media report said on Friday. The helmet also has a small screen in the front, where the signals lights are housed. In case of a danger, or otherwise, the rider can decide on his next move from the signals blinking on the screen.

Although it is at a nascent stage, the Japanese automaker hopes the new system will be useful in preventing accidents. Currently, it is undergoing further tests to fix the shortcomings. Experts, who are privy of the development, said the new helmet may be uncomfortable to wear as the rear camera and the processing system may make it bulkier and heavier to use. Also, they said the range of the radar system would be vital as it will play a crucial role in providing timely alerts to the driver so that he gets enough time to take necessary action before a potential crash. Honda, though, said its new system is compact and light and will be liked by all its customers.

Due to the high risk of accidents, particularly for two-wheelers, these days with ever-increasing traffic on streets, many automakers have come up with their own versions of safety helmets of late. Ducati and Suzuki are also said to be developing similar products to make bikers safer on the roads and provide a pleasant driving experience. While Ducati is considering to introduce bikes fitted with radar systems by 2020, Suzuki has introduced a new anti-accident reflectors for its future bikes. Suzuki filed a patent for the reflectors. Tt was however not immediately known if the manufacturers would go for a mass commercial production with their new inventions.

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