From re-arranged icons, buttons and new navigation options, Instagram is set for an overall. The photo-sharing app recently announced that it was testing out a few new user profile layouts while adding that there won’t be any change in the photo grids. The company in a blog post further revealed that the changes will soon be updated and more will continue depending on the feedback of the users.

In the blog post, the company also shared screen grabs showcasing the changes that users will be seeing in the next few weeks. Most important of all the changes is the different placement of the profile picture, it’s been shifted from the left corner to the right one. This change will make room for the information like profile name and description to move on top. The placement of the number of followers and following has also been changed to provide more room for the photos.

Now at present, there are 3 options above the posts, to view the photos in different ways, but after the update, there will be 4 options for with IGTV being an add-on. Also, the grid, posts and tagged tabs, the 3 options above the posts, will now be in text instead of the symbols.

More changes have been introduced in profiles for businesses. They will now have more options like some additional space for adding contact details. Among the posts, a specific grid of ‘Shop’ will also be rolled out, something businesses have demanded for long.

Recently Instagram added the option of seeing your daily time spent on the app. The option is available under “Your Activity” tag and the feature enables to keep in check their daily usage. Now what’s new is that users will be able to put a cap on their daily usage, in form of a reminder. There will also be an option to mute push notifications temporarily.

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