Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), K Sivan has revealed that the crew module of the first manned space mission of India, Gaganyaan is soon going to be finalised. According to reports, ISRO is eying to launch Gaganyaan in 2022. Sivan in an interview with IANS said that they have set up a new centre called Human Space Flight Centre for managing the work relating to Gaganyaan and the design work relating to the proposed manned mission is underway, which will be finalised soon. He further said that ISRO is not designing the crew service module for the first time adding that the necessary infrastructure for making the crew module is available.

PM Narendra Modi during the celebrations of India’s 72nd Independence Day this year had announced the manned mission to space Gaganyaan, which is the spacecraft intended to be the basis of the human space programme. Gaganyaan will be launched into ISRO’s biggest rocket GSLV Mark 3 from Sriharikota, according to reports. Gaganyaan is a spacecraft that is designed to carry 2 to 3 people on board and if the preparations of the mission are successful, India would become the fourth nation after USA, China and Russia to launch a manned mission into sapce.

Moreover, the mission involves a lot of money and is too risky. Earlier, when a rocket is launched, there was no loss of life but, Gaganyaan mission has a huge risk of life loss. ISRO has to work on the safety of the people onboard the rocket. It needs to create a human environment like earth along with comfortable temperature inside the spacecraft. 

ISRO is working on the Pad Abort test (crew escape system) which is an emergency exit measure to pull out the crew from the aircraft if a mission has to be aborted. The astronauts will be trained in Bangaluru and it has also been reported that a female astronaut will be involed in the mission.



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