Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has confirmed that they are determined to break its own records of launching more than two satellites within a period of 30 days. According to reports, the Organisation is making preparations to conduct 19 satellite launches including the Chandrayaan-2 mission. Talking about the ongoing plans, chairman of ISRO, K Sivan said that they are going to conduct 19 missions, which includes 10 satellites and 9 launch vehicles in between the month of September and March.

Sivan further revealed that this mission will be the first ever attempt to launch more than two satellites within a short period of time as the organisation had never attempted to launch two satellites within a period of 30 days consecutively for months. The chairman also said that with the commercial launch of PSLV C42, the services would be continued from September 15 this year. And in this mission, the satellites to be launched is for UK, Novasar and S1-4, which are the main payload.

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 In October, ISRO will be launching GSLV MKIII-D2, which has also been named Bahubali after which the most powerful rocket, which has the capability to lift 4-tonne weight will carry GSAT-29 satellite along with multi-beam and optical communication payloads, which is designed to bridge the digital connectivity in rural regions. 

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In October PSLV C43 will also be launched that will capture images from the space as it is equipped with hyperspectral imaging cameras. Moreover, two satellites will be launched during November which is namely GSLV F11 that will launch GSAT-7A, a satellite that would be beneficial for the Indian Air Force.

Another satellite GSAT-11, which is the heaviest satellite ever weighing 5.6 tonnes, from French Guiana will be launched by ISRO on November 30, 2018. Meanwhile, ISRO is planning to launch Emisat, which will be carried by PSLV C44 in December. Next in line will be GSAT-31 from French Guiana, which is a communication satellite to replace Insat 4CR.

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