The app Let it Wag is a unique initiative about which a true passionate animal lover would have certainly dreamt of while trying to save/help an injured/helpless stray animal in need. This platform helps connect one to a relevant person/resource in real time. In other words, it is the 911 for animals. The whole idea behind starting this initiative is to connect like-minded people (animal lovers) in real time, and in nearby areas to reduce the turnaround time for rescuing/helping the animals.

It all started with successfully saving a poor dog that once met with an accident, but only 4-5 hours later. That incident put me into a deep thought. Why was it so difficult to get immediate and genuine help despite being surrounded by way too many animal lovers? This gave birth to the idea of ‘Let it Wag’. The app helps you when help is most needed — in an emergency. It immediately connects you with nearby area-specific animal lovers in real time for rescue purposes.

The beta version of the app is ready and it helps with the following:

Connect with nearby animal lovers for stray animal rescue

Adopt/help someone adopt an animal

Generate an ‘Adoption Document’ which is a document of understanding between 2 parties- Rehoming Family/Individual and Adopting Family/Individual.

Community Wall ( PAN India)

List of nearby Vets, NGOs, Ambulance and Vet Chemist ( Data available for Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata)

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Currently, the features in the process are:

  • Find nearby pet owners in your area
  • Raise funds for feeding, medical cost, hospital bills, ambulance transportation, etc.
  • Find foster homes
  • Find a lactating mother
  • Find a blood donor for animals
  • Find local transport for animals to take them to nearby hospitals/vet clinics
  • Report animal abuse
  • Report missing animals

The app so far has helped rescue and provide aid to 209 dogs, 12 cats, 3 owls and 9 pigeons. Also, 2 puppies have been adopted via the app. As of now the app has seen 4200+ downloads on the Android platform.

Play store App Link-

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