The world today will witness the longest lunar eclipse of the century, which will remain active till wee hours of July 28. The complete duration of the total lunar eclipse would be 103 minutes or 1 hour 43 minutes. The moon will pass through the centre of the Earth’s shadow and when the moon appears dark red in colour it called blood moon. In India, the lunar eclipse is popularly known as Chandra Grahan. There are various superstitions attached to lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan, particularly in India. Scientists, religious experts have a different point of view on the lunar eclipse. In India, people offer prayers, made offerings at temples as there are many religious beliefs attached to Chandra Grahan. 

Popular superstitions attached to Lunar Eclipse across the world:

  • In India, people don’t eat food during a lunar eclipse. Cooking and drinking are also avoided during the Chandra Grahan. The lunar eclipse is also considered harmful for pregnant women in India. People advise pregnant women to stay inside the house to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the lunar eclipse. People believe that that dark moon is harmful to the unborn child. People who believe in astrology say that no deal should be made during the lunar eclipse.
  • In Tibet, people say that good and bad deeds are multiplied ten-fold during a lunar eclipse.

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