Billions of people across the world today are eyeing the sky tonight to witness one of the rarest yet interesting, picturesque, spectacle celestial the total lunar eclipse. It’s one in the lifetime event when the Moon will turn blood red at almost an hour past midnight on July 27 or early morning July 28. The partial lunar eclipse had started around 11:54 pm and the total lunar eclipse took place around 1:05 am. The lunar eclipse along with Asian countries including India, others will be visible in many other parts of the word. While many in the world consider this just a scientific or astronomical celestial activity, however, in India, lunar eclipse has a significant importance in terms of believes and practices. Some consider this as a positive happening while some take this not in good aspects and follow superstitious believes. 

Here are 10 facts about the total lunar eclipse taking place tonight 

  • The total lunar eclipse can be witnessed in Asian countries, South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. This is going to be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. However, this celestial phenomenon will not be available to people in north America.
  • However, north Americans can witness a similar happening in January next year, though the duration of the lunar eclipse will not be such long.
  • This phenomenon takes place when moon is covered in the shadow of the earth. The earth comes in between the sun and moon, while the crossing shadows when falls on the moon, creates this celestial happening. The event can only be witnessed during the night time facing towards the moon. 

  • During the total lunar eclipse, the Moon turns blood red but how this phenomenon happens. The Moon turns red because it comes under earth’s shadow and light rays falling from Sun crosses the earth, making the moon look blood red. 

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  • According to a research, the temperature on the moon varies so much that it changes from dramatic hot to freezing cold in a couple of hours. 

  • The next lunar eclipse will take place on January 21, 2019 but it would not be for so long as the one is going to be tonight.
  • Tonight’s moon is going to be the smallest full moon of the year as according to NASA
  • The total lunar eclipse which started around 1:05 am will be remain as till  2:43 am in India while partial lunar eclipse will remain till 3:49 am.

  • In India, people believe that one should not consume food during the lunar eclipse as many have religious beliefs while some have scientific believes.
  • Apart from being called the red Moon, it is also known as Sturgeon, Hay, or Mead Moon. In India, the occasion is also known as Guru Purnima.

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