Have you ever imagined of going near the red-hot sun? Well, it is still a dream, however, the good news is that National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA) has found a way to observe the big burning ball with the Parker Solar Probe, which will mark the world’s very first mission to touch the Sun. According to reports in a leading daily, the first voyage to reach closest to the sun will be launched next week, i.e on August 11, 2018.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has been moved to its launch pad for the major adventure that one could have ever dreamt of. It is a dreamlike adventure to see that, with the advancement of technology, things which look impossible to us have been explored and scientists have somehow closely proved that nothing is impossible if there is determination.

Parker Solar Probe

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The mission, which has been scheduled to be launched on August 11, will have the Sun being closely observed by the Parker Solar Probe which is set to travel around its outer atmosphere. Reports say that the temperatures can reach more than degree Fahrenheit inside the sun and Parker Solar system will travel right to the core of the Sun to find out all the reasons we are curious about. The data from this mission is expected to help scientists answer three foundational questions about our star. This is the first time that Science has taken a step ahead to confront the ferocious Sun.

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