Nokia is once again attempting to capture the smartphone market share and their nostalgic brand perception which it had lost to the likes of Samsung and iPhone when it was desperately trying to make Windows phone a success but failed. Nokia, once a pioneer in mobile phone industry and favourite choice for millions is now fighting the war of its existance but this time with Android operation system. Nokia which has been brought back to life by HMD global from ‘hell’ is taking the smartphone fight pretty seriously knowing completely that with the existance of brands like Vivo, Oppo, Mi, Samsung, Motorolla, iPhone and other brands have filled the space it had emptied after it stopped selling windows phones. The company in the past few months have launched a number of good Android smartphones targetting almost every segment be it the budget phone category, premium or flagship. In a latest, Nokia is planing to bring back one of its most famous and appreciated camera feature, the Lumia camera interface, to its Android smartphones line.

What is Lumia camera User Interface (UI)

Lumia, the name is familier to many, was Nokia’s Windows Phone line-up which the company tried to make it a hit in the smartphone market but failed due to non-availibility of popular apps and very low user base. However, while people are nomore interested in purchasing Windows Phones, but some of its unique features like Lumia camera interface, which was appreacited by technlogy critics, still has its brand value and now the company is trying to bring its UI to their Android smartphone’s camera application. What Windows Phones were really good at was their wonderful camera imaging technology and Lumia camera interface with features like ISO, focus, lighting, shuter speed, HDR controls assembled into one camera application making it very easy to use. Lumia camera technology was one unique thing which other smartphone makers still struggles to compete with. Currently available to Windows Phones, Nokia is now planning to bring it to their Android smartphones giving people another reason to buy new Nokia Android phones.

Check these Lumia camera UI screenshots from Windows Phone


The information has been almost confirmed by HMD’s, wich has been licensed to use Nokia brand, Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas on Twitter. However, it’s not yet clear when this new Lumia camera update will hit Nokia’s to its Android smartphone series including Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8. The unique Lumia camera User Interface (UI) orginaly developed for Windows Phone and patented is now owned by HMD Global and it is very likely that the recently released new Nokia Andoired phones will soon receive the update soon.

Nokia made its name by delivering some of the best phones during its era and still has its brand value as one of the most reliable brand for phones. It’s because of its previous goodwill that the company has returened to smartphone business. Nokia which now aggressivley targeting Android smartphone market on October 31 (yesterday) unveiled another budget smartphone Nokia 2. The USP of Nokia 2 as claimed by the company has this amazing 2-day battery back as it packs a 4100 mAh battery. Nokia 2 has been priced at just Rs 7500 to compete with other smartphones in the entry-level segment.

Check out new Nokia 2 budget Android smartphone official video here: