Riding high on the immense popularity of its OnePlus devices over the years, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers have effectively captured over 40% of the premium segment of smartphones in India. Samsung, which has been a reigning smartphone company in India, slipped to the second place with 34% market share while Apple was placed at the third spot with 14% share of the premium segment in the country.

According to a recently released report, the OnePlus company topped the premium segment charts in the second quarter of 2018. The credit for the stellar rise of the company largely goes to its latest flagship smartphone OnePlus 6, which has enjoyed raging success in Indian smartphone market ever since its release. It should be noted that the smartphones worth Rs 30,000 or more are considered as the premium smartphones.

The Hong Kong-based Counterpoint Research further explained that the premium smartphone segment exponentially grew in India and saw a rise of 19% in 2017 and a 10% rise in the second quarter of 2018 alone.

It also reported that the top three smartphone brands in India – Apple, Samsung and OnePlus – now hold around 88% of the total premium smartphone market, which is comparatively lower than the first quarter when it stood at 95%.

OnePlus also reigned supreme when it came to the top-selling premium smartphones in the country. OnePlus 6 was the highest selling premium segment phone in the second quarter of 2018 while OnePlus 5T came at the third spot. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus was reported to be the second-best-selling smartphone in the premium category.

OnePlus 6 is currently available in two variants – the 64GB variant is priced at Rs 34,999 while the 128GB one is available for Rs 39,999. However, OnePlus 5T is available in a single variant which is being sold by the company for Rs 32,999. On the other hand, the flagship device of Samsung – Galaxy S9+ is currently priced at a staggering Rs 68,900.

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