An investigation headed by TechCrunch has revealed that several prominent iPhone apps are recording users phone screens without even asking them. The report carried by the TechCrunch reported that a number of iOS apps including Expedia, Air Canada,, and Hollister are analysing user’s screen taps and swipes without even their consent or knowledge. The matter has come to light a few days after Apple faced massive flak over the FaceTime bug that let people eavesdrop on unanswered group video calls.

Coming back to the investigation done by the TechCrunch, several apps, from the hoteliers, travel sites, airlines, cell phone carriers, banks and financiers, are tracking every single action a user is performing on their respective apps. The worst part of the entire process is that the companies have also access to user’s personal information that was meant to be kept secured.

The report said that these companies use s service provided by Glassbox, which is a tech firm that helps developers with their apps. The Glassbox has this technology called Session Replay, which allows the developers to record your screen time.

The technology was initially meant to help the users, however, all that it has been doing is helping the developers to get access to the user’s phone screens and figure out what went wrong if their app doesn’t work at a certain time. This means that the developers are getting access to your personal information which was supposed to be kept undercover.

The information that could be accessed by these companies includes passport numbers, credit card numbers, and other financial and personal information.

Meanwhile, Amazon has also been facing backlash after it was revealed that it was also recording user’s faces. The e-commerce site has not yet confirmed it but has said that it had been making innovations to make user’s experience better. 


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