The tech market is busy gossiping about this new bizarre app that will help you to keep a check on your or a friend’s WhatsApp activity. An app named ‘ChatWch’ is using WhatsApp’s online or offline status feature to tell how often the user or the one on whom he/she are spying checked the leading social messaging app. “Check your WhatsApp online-offline activity Use ChatWch,” reads the description of the app, which is available on Google Play store. Besides keeping a track on your surfing habits on WhatsApp, the ChatWch can also be used to do the same with your friends in your contact list.

Reports said that the app also records how frequently you or your friend on your contact list have checked WhatsApp. The app also claims that it compares the chat patterns between two people and lets you know if they are chatting with each other using its artificial intelligence powers.”Use ChatWch to monitor your friends, family or employees’ online/offline activity. Even when their “Last Seen” is hidden see how many minutes exactly you spend every day in Whatsapp, and change your habits! Also, see how many sleep hours you get for every day, and when exactly the connections were made in a clear timeline,” the description further reads. The app also counts the number of hours the user slept for every day of the week, and measure how many hours were spent on Whatsapp.

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At times, when Facebook was hit by a major data breach, the app likes this are raising the same concerns for WhatsApp. According to reports, the WhatsApp is also expected to block ChatWch from accessing its data soon.

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