PUBG Mobile says it will work considering the negative and positive criticism: Considering the criticism faced in India by a lot of people in concern of their children getting addicted the online game PUBG, The PUBG mobile has issued a statement that they will march forward in a way to make a healthy and friendly gaming ecosystem. PUBG faced a lot of negative criticism in India from parents, college authorities, and from the government officials too because of the addition of children towards the game.

In a statement provided by the officials of PUBG, they clearly said that they appreciate and respect the trust given to them by the PUBG players. They want the players to have the best gaming experience ever but along with that, we need to be a responsible member of the ecosystem of gaming. They added that they are continuously working on the feedbacks of the educators, government bodies and parents in order to make the PUBG experience better.

Further, it was added by the game developers that they are continuously working in such a way that the game will have a lot of new features and advancements which will provide the user with a better gaming ecosystem and play PUBG mobile in a more responsible way.
However, the fact is still a mystery that how a game can be played in a responsible manner.

The company ended their part by saying that they are going to consider all the criticism from India either it be negative or positive and work in such a way that their fanbase in India improves by the time.

In the month of December 2018, it was reported that the authorities of the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) issued a notice in order to impose a ban on the game PUBG. A photo of the notice was gone viral on Instagram.