Content creator Satyajit Majumder gets candid about social media’s power in celebrating the unusng heroes of this strange time.

Social media is often credited as the destroyer of the moral compass of society. While some people are busy spreading venom any chance they get, others, on the contrary, have shaped social media for personal and societal benefit. These people are grinding hard to create content that brings a change in our everyday lives.

One such person is Satyajit majumder, aka Thetwoinoneguy. Today, this name is a brand itself, but all the success didn’t come easy for the 26-year old. Like many teenagers, Satyajit didn’t have a clear purpose or goal in his life. His world revolved around partying and eating unhealthy food. He had always been a chubby kid, but that never seemed to bother him while consuming all the junk food. All of this unhealthiness started to take a severe toll on his health.

At the young age of 21, he was diagnosed with high cholesterol and gallbladder stones. Due to his heavyweight, he also suffered some severe shoulder injuries after falling, for which he was operated upon both the shoulders. Finally, he realised it was time to get his life on track away from all the doldrum and today he is one of the successful personality. Today, he uses his place in the media space to make a real impact on the society, which drives real change.

“I saw this heartwarming campaign saluting all covid heroes who are tirelessly working for us during these difficult times. Frontline staff, lab technicians and lesser-known heroes like drivers, watchmen and others are effortlessly helping and supporting others.”, says Satyajit while joining the #UmmeedKeChehre campaign.

Soon, thousands of netizes give into the trend by sharing stories to express their gratitude to the covid warriors. In these trying tjmes, our frontline workers are the true heroes. Their selfless service towards the society at large has made the fight against covid stronger.

Satyajit further says, “It maybe a small post on the social media feed, but it spreads the idea among many. If we all join our voices, then it would be strong enough to bring a change in the air.”