Apple’s latest and perhaps the most advanced smartphone iPhone X made by the bandwagon drilled brand has been making headlines ever since it was unleashed in the market. Currently touted as the peak of smartphones by its hardcore fans the iPhone X was brought down to planet Earth by DxOMark, who are prominent in terms of rating phones by giving them a score 97 out of 100. Although the phone was graced with such high numbers, iPhone X’s impressive showboating by Apple came a point short to Google’s Pixel 2, who was only 2 point short of a complete 100.

Both Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 received a gigantic score of 98 in mobile photography, defeating the talk of the town iPhone X with a whisker. It is important for us to highlight the fact that Google’s Pixel 2 victory over Apple’s iPhone X came with their single 12 MP shooter itself who was quite underrated and underestimated ever since we got drenched in the portrait season. Taking nothing away from Apple as the iPhoneX outclassed everyone in the still images section as the most expensive phone was successful in achieving best results along with a photo score of 101. The iPhone X stands tall when it comes to capturing still images as the phone does a better job in terms of zoom performance, texture, colour and exposure.  

According to DxOMark, Apple has come up with significant changes with iPhone X with improvements that are “noticeably on Zoom performance, but also does better in terms of Exposure, Color, Texture, Noise and Artifacts” in comparison of the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone’s main shooter is having a wide-angle f/1.8 lens and the telephoto camera has f/2.4 lens along with other features which mainly includes optical image stabilisation support, phase-detection autofocus with touch focus and LED flash.