Despite of the continuous reforms in mobile technology, the battery issues are refusing to wane. Now Apple has joined Samsung in an unwanted club where mobile phone batteries are proving to be hazardous for both the massively expensive device as well as precious human life. The newly launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are posing problems for the users as several incidents of these phones swelling and being split open have been reported.

Apple launched the two premium mobile phones in September but within just few weeks of usage their batteries are popping out. The battery of these latest iPhones are swelling and causing its uniform body to split it into two. In an image shared by a user, the screen of iPhone 8 Plus was bent from outside and there was an apparent gap between the body and screen.

First such incident was reported from Taiwan, after a woman put her new iPhone 8 Plus on charging and found it swollen after few hours. More than half a dozen incidents have been reported from Greece, Canada and China ever since.

With the incidents of Samsung flagship phone’s battery, especially the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, exploding and catching fire in the past, swelling of Apple iPhone battery is alarming for the users. The news has spread across the world like wildfire and certainly it is going to make the potential buyers reluctant.

In order to assure the Apple loyalists, the American company has said that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it. The quicker Apple addresses this issue, the better it would be for the tech giants. Earlier, Samsung had to bear the losses of a staggering $5 billion with the disaster of Galaxy Note 7.