Apple has unveiled a new set of emojis based on Unicode 10 that will soon be available on IOS 11.1 update. More clothing options, gender neutral characters and mythical creatures will be among the new emoticons. “iOS 11.1 will also include characters announced on World Emoji Day like woman with headscarf, bearded person, breastfeeding, zombie, person in lotus position and new food items such as Sandwich and coconut,” Apple said in a press release.

Earlier in July, Apple had previewed a couple of emojis on World Emoji Day. The list includes new animals like zebra, T-Rexs, star-struck and exploding head smiley faces emojis. Love-you gesture is another addition which has been inspired from ‘I love you’ hand sign of American Sign Language. It is still not clear as to when Apple will be rolling out the iOS 11.1 or versions of macOS and watchOS with the new emoji, but they will be available on iOS 11 beta version that will be out next week. A few days ago WhatsApp had unveiled new emoticons for Android Beta. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger uses completely different emoticons released on its platform in June 2016.  

Earlier in September, world’s most advanced mobile operating system had got the latest update in form of iOS 11. It is available for download since September 11. However, the new update is draining the battery more quickly, twice as fast as the previous operating system iOS 10 did. Since September 19, Apple has released two updates to iOS 11 in order to fix certain issues. The users are also having problems with some apps after updating their phone with the new software. Unicode Consortium approves new designs of emoji and has made an effort to be more inclusive in past few years. The new looks can be seen on Apple’s website.