Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday witnessed a major security breach after his official handle was hacked by a group called Chuckle Squad. The hacking group posted offensive posts from his personal account. These tweets were racial and antisemitic in nature. It also tweeted a post denying the Holocaust. Those tweets were later deleted. 

Dorsey’s handle was recovered after 18 minutes. After recovering the account, Twitter said that the official handle is now secure and they have found no indications that the Twiter’s system has been compromised.  Twitter has blamed Dorsey’s cell carrier for the hack. It said that the phone number associated with the account was compromised due to security oversight by the mobile provider. 

The social networking site said that the compromise allowed an unauthorized person to send tweets through the registered phone number, adding that the issue has been resolved. Twitter also said that investigation has been initiated in the matter. Dorsey’s account boasts 4.2 million followers on Twitter.

Reports said that the Chuckle Squad had used a sim swapping or sim jacking technique to control the account. It can be done by bribing an employee of a sim carrier wherein he switches the numbers associated with a sim card. 

Chuckle Squad is said to be the same group that had attacked Twitter accounts of several YouTube celebrities last week. These include vlogger James Charles, Shane Dawson and comedian King Bach. It had also gained access to late Youtuber Desmond Etika Amofah’s Gmail account. Dorsey’s account was also hacked in 2016 by the group called OurMine.




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