India has finally approved the world’s first Virgin Hyperloop One project, said reports. This project is going to help the passengers to reach from Pune to Mumbai in just 35 Minutes. Earlier, as per Google Maps, it took at least 3-4 to cover this distance via road but now passenger can move to Mumbai in just 35 minutes.

A Hyperloop vehicle is a mode of transport which uses electric propulsion and magnetic levitation under-near vacuum conditions to transport people from one place to another. As per the sources, Virgin Hyperloop One project is going to be the fastest and more sustainable transport than any other mode of transportation.

As per the reports, the number of existing passengers are expected to be around 75 Million, and after the Virgin Loop One project, it expected that the amount of the passenger could increase up to 150 Million.

Virgin Hyperloop One: Let us take a look at how we can reach from Mumbai to Pune in just 35 minutes!!

Virgin Hyperloop One is going to build its full track in India to get the high-speed train network. Reports believe that this project will be the best alternative for short-distance air travel and the existing train network. As per the company’s press statement, there are no emissions in this transportation system. There will be 100 per cent electric route which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 86,000 tons over 30 years.

Before its launch in India, the company has completed hundreds of test in US, KSA, and UAE to make it safe and reliable.

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