On Friday, the instant messaging application, WhatsApp faced a glitch shutting it’s systems down. Following the WhatsApp crash, the millions of WhatsApp users were unable to send or receive messages. However, the services which were later resumed. The WhatsApp crash that took place on Friday morning, did not stop the users from taking over to social media and complain about the halt in services.

Going by the experiences, the WhatsApp application didn’t initially look broken but, as the user opens a chat, the applications showed ‘connecting’. Following the glitch, the messages were neither sent or received. Even though the services were shortly restored, users claim to have been facing this issue for quite some time. However, the users also said that ‘earlier the problem use to last for just a few seconds, unlike the current one. Also, one thing which remains clear that there’s no easy fix to the problem since it appears to be on WhatsApp’s side.

According to a website, Down Detector, it showed a huge increase in problems with WhatsApp, highlighting that almost everyone was unable to get connected. As per reports, the problems are focused in western Europe and Asia but were reported across the world. It also said that several problems were reported from America, hinting that it may be the result of the fact that timezones mean that many people there are currently asleep.

After the messaging app went down, people from all across the world turned up on Facebook to express their inconvenience. The extent of ‘WhatsApp down’ was not immediately out, but some users said that world’s most popular messaging service, started to function again about 30 minutes after initial complaints of an outage. Following the crash many messages were stuck and were unable to reach to the receiver. Commenting on the matter, a spokeswoman for Facebook in Singapore said the company was investigating the matter.

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