WhatsApp dark mode: WhatsApp dark mode is a feature that is being talked about for about a year now. In the past, there have been some unofficial UI leaks of the new dark battery saving mode but nothing has been revealed about the official launch of the most sought after feature. Every major Application like Gmail, Google, Chrome and Facebook’s messenger has a dark mode. Users have been eagerly waiting for WhatsApp to switch from the default green colour to a darker greyish colour.
There is a different process which will enable the users to switch the colour of the messenger app. Android users need to run the android Q beta on their device while ios users need to be on iOS11.

Dark Mode for Android Users:

Android users need to have the latest beta version of Android Q or Android 10. Android Q comes with a native dark mode. Users can go into display setting and then tap theme and select dark to enable the dark theme on Android Q. In order to apply the dark theme to all the apps, users will have to enable the developer options. Then they have to move to the ‘About phone’ tab in settings and then tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times. Go back to the main settings page and get to the ‘developer options’. After reaching Developer options, switch on the ‘Override force-dark’ to apply the dark theme to all your apps. User can easily darken chats area by going to the settings-Chats-Wallpaper and picking a dark colour from the list.

Dark Mode for iOS Users:

For iOS users, there are two methods for implementing dark mode. The first method requires the user to jailbreak the device while for the second method, they can use iOS 11 which has introduced a ‘Smart Invert’ feature that will reverse the colours of the iPhone display. Just like Android, the chats page will not change so the user will have to apply a dark image as wallpaper.

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