Now 4 people can video chat at the same time through new group video calling feature rolled out by Facebook-owned WhatsApp. The WhatsApp has rolled out this feature, weeks after official its announcement at Facebook’s F8 developer conference in May this year. The new feature also supports group video calling. The WhatsApp has rolled out this feature on both Andriod and iOS platforms. For quite some time now, Facebook is aiming to introduce new creative features on WhatsApp to compete with other social media apps available in the market. However, WhatsApp is the leading messaging app with more than 2 billion minutes on call per day.

In 2016, WhatsApp had rolled out its video calling feature. Since then, its users were asking the company to introduce group video calling feature. In its official announcement, the company said that the video calling feature supports up to 4 people and it has been rolled out on both Andriod and iOS platforms, adding that new feature can also work under slow network conditions, a problem which Indian telecom users generally face, particularly in remote areas. To avail this service, both Andriod and iOS users firstly will have to update the WhatsApp.

However, when it comes to comparison, Facebook messenger supports group video calls of up to 50 and Skype supports 25. Meanwhile, Snapchat supports 16 participants and Apple has announced that up to 32 people can participate in its video calling feature, scheduled to be released later this year along with the rollout of iOS 12 platform.

Know how to use WhatsApp’s video calling feature:-

  • Start a video or voice call with one of your contacts
  • Now, a button will appear at the top-right corner that will allow you to add another participant to the call
  • After a successful connection with the second person, an add person icon will appear on the top right
  • Next, you can add the third person, whose icon will appear with the second person with a comma
  • In WhatsApp video calling feature you can add up to 4 people