WhatsApp, Facebook-owned instant messaging application, is all set to introduce a slew of features in a bid to enrich overall user experience. WhatsApp, which continues to be the top messaging app in India and across the world, introduced various new features last year which include stickers, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, group video calling and much more. Some of the features may be introduced to the app this month are Dark Mode, Video Preview, Contacts Ranking, and Consecutive Voice Messages.

Dark Mode: WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, will introduce a Dark on the platform. After its introduction, the WhatsApp users can use their favourite chat application without hurting their eyes as staring at the screen for a long can cause damage to the eyes. The new feature will also save the power of your smartphone. The users will have the option to turn on and off this feature at any time.

Video Preview: This new feature is currently under development and will be introduced to the platform soon. This will enrich the overall experience of users. With video preview, users can view the video directly from the notification bar.

Contact ranking: Using this feature, the users can rank contacts based on which ones the user chats with most. This feature will be rolled out to the platform by the end of this month.

Consecutive voice messages: This feature will allow the users to play voice messages automatically when sent in a sequence. This feature, just like the other three, is likely to be introduced to the platform this month.

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