WhatsApp to stop working on these phones after December 31, here’s the list: Instant messaging application WhatsApp will stop working on Nokia S40 phones after December 31, reports said. WhatsApp has announced the end of support of support for older version mobile devices which includes BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, Nokia Symbian S60, Windows Phone 8.0, Nokia S40, Android versions 2.3.7 and older, iPhone iOS 7 and older. It will stop developing its service for these platforms by 2020. The phones that run on S40 operating system are Nokia Asha 201, Nokia Asha 205, Nokia Asha 210, Nokia Asha 230, Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 501, Nokia Asha 502, Nokia Asha 503, Nokia 206, Nokia 208, Nokia 301 and Nokia 515.

WhatsApp was supposed to end support for these smartphones in June this year. But the popular messaging app extended it till December 31, bringing some relief to the few Nokia S40 users. Nokia S40 operating system was unveiled in 1999 and is extremely old. The OS was later updated in 2005. It was last used in Nokia 515 in 2013.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp continues to be the top messaging application in the country, with over 50 million active users. A report has shown that smartphone users in India are projected to double to 829 million by 2022 from 404.1 million. There are more than 500 million internet users in the country, said a report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India.

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