Have you ever heard about a piece of technology which translates your text or art-work in real-time? Xiaomi, the Chinese company will launch a 36 Smart Handwritten Notepad in China on January 7, 2019. The hype surrounding the notepad is extremely high as the notepad converts the text or art-work in real-time space. It is a digital notebook which translates paper notes and drawings on the digital platform. The digital writing pad is known as Xiaomi Bamboo Slate Portable Smart Notepad. The smart pad is priced at CNY 799($115) converting in Indian rupee is Rs. 8036. But the smart pad is not coming to India so soon as the company is still trying to find its feet in the Chinese market. There are many features in the smart pad but the highlight of the smart pad is its cloud synchronisation and original handwriting restoration. Original handwriting can be restored and transferred into the corresponding device by pressing one key and you can edit the text as you will like to see.

The notepad delivers a smooth functioning as you write on the pad, the electromagnetic resonance technology used in the pad draws a stable precise magnetic field at the bottom of the device. The written text drawn below the pad records the displacement of the text or drawing and translates the text on the digital platform. Xiaomi is the company that produces all kinds of gadgets so long as it makes life easier in the digital world. Xiaomi smartphones have a great market in India from which they making high goodwill for the company. Manu Jain, the CEO of Xiaomi India is a smart Entrepreneur who likes to take big risks in making innovative products for the end consumer.

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