Seek timely help for anxiety and depression, advises psychiatrist Dr Natasha Kate

24 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Dr Natasha Kate believes in cultivating an environment of holistic treatment for her patients dealing with depression. She also emphasises that behavioural changes must be observed closely for an e...

With the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the focus is now on mental health once again. In this context, meet Dr. Natasha Kate, psychiatrist at Masina Hospital, is an award winning, internationally qualified, dynamic psychiatrist, who believes in sensitive, non-judgmental listening and caring for her patients and focuses on holistic treatment.

Her areas of clinical interest include women’s mental health and neuropsychiatric disorders, including memory problems among the elderly.

She has a number of national and international awards and has contributed chapters to multiple psychiatric books and has more than 50 research publications. In this chat, she addresses anxiety and depression not just in adults but in children as well.

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Depression and anxiety seem to be the two most common issues that people are suffering from during the lockdown. Dr Kate believes that some people immerse themselves in numerous activities at home from reading to workouts to cooking and hobbies to keep busy and thus, are able to avoid developing serious issues. But some people and unable to cope and she gives advice on what people can do in case they are going through depression and anxiety.

Even children are increasingly facing anxiety and depression due to social pressures, parental pressures and other factors. Dr Kate says they go to two extremes when they are depressed – either they withdraw completely or act out very aggressively. “Parents need to closely watch for changes in behaviour,” she asserts.

Therapy is extremely beneficial according to her but given the high cost factor, it is still a barrier for most people. Dr Kate believes that with online therapy and counselling gaining ground thanks to the lockdown, the cost of therapy is likely to go down with time and become more accessible to people.

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Watch this conversation for more information and tips on what you can do at home to keep mentally fit.