Friday, December 1, 2023

Indian Coast Guard Busts Illegal Fishing Operation, Apprehends 5, and Seizes Contraband in High Seas

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Five individuals were apprehended by the Indian Coast Guard for smuggling sea cucumbers in waters close to Dhanushkodi, with the ICG confiscating 45 kg of sea cucumbers from their fishing boat. Upon the sighting of the ICG Air Cushion Vessel (ACV), the crew of the fishing trawler jettisoned the sea cucumbers into the waters near the Dhanushkodi coast on October 25. However, they were subsequently apprehended, and the illegal items were retrieved from the sea.
The fishing trawler and its crew were transported to Mandapam and transferred to the forest department for additional legal procedures, the Coast Guard confirmed. As per an official statement, the Indian Coast Guard Air Cushion Vessel (ACV) successfully apprehended an Indian fishing trawler, along with five crew members, for possessing 45 kg of illicit sea cucumbers in the waters near Dhanushkodi on October 25, 2023. Upon the arrival of the Coast Guard interception team, the individuals in question discarded the illegal items into the sea. However, the Coast Guard successfully retrieved the contraband. All five crew members, along with the fishing trawler, were apprehended and taken to Mandapam, as confirmed by the authorities.
The confiscated items were subsequently transferred to the Forest Department for additional legal procedures. This marks the second operation conducted by the Indian Coast Guard at Mandapam within the last three days, resulting in the seizure of approximately 375 kg of sea cucumbers and 626 kg of raw turmeric, as per the latest update. The Indian Coast Guard maintains a firm commitment to guaranteeing the safety and cleanliness of the seas within its jurisdiction. Notably, sea cucumbers are classified as an endangered species and are protected under ‘Schedule I’ of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

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