Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Service is the rent you pay for occupying space’: Rotary International Presidential Conference kicks off

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Rotary International has kicked off its presidential conference 2022 in Hyderabad. The theme of the conference focuses on 7 core areas, which include strengthening capacity of communities to support basic education, encouraging conversation to foster understanding among various people, educating and equipping communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases, enhancing economic and community development and creating opportunities through service projects, improving access to quality medical care, sanitation, education and economic opportunities to mothers and their children, bringing sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene to more people every day and fostering harmony between communities and the environment through different activities.

Rotary International presidential conference allows an opportunity for Rotarians to meet their fellow Roarians from all across the globe and network with each other at the conference in Hitech City, Hyderabad.

In his inaugural address, Kamal Sanghvi, Convenor, said, “In presence of hope, faith is born. In presence of love, love becomes a possibility and in presence of love, miracles happen. Since the beginning of time, people have worried about the end of the world. Every generation has had its share of gloomy prophets and every generation has believed that its plight was the worst yet we are still here and humanity keeps on surviving and growing in consciousness. You know why? Because we Rotarians sincerely believe we can make the world a better place to live in because the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery and we believe that today is a gift and that is why it is called the present.” Calling on all Rotarians to redefine the basis of humanness, Singhvi added that we are all equal stakeholders for a better tomorrow.”

Highlighting the path-breaking work Rotary has done in the past few years, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Shekhar Mehta, President, Rotary International, expressed, “This presidential conference, one of the seven around the world, is the celebration of service. It is the celebration of the service of oneself. It is the celebration of our work in the seven areas of focus. Rotary instills in us the desire to change lives. It is here that I got the mantra of my life- service. It is the rent we pay for the space we occupy on the earth.”

Over the next 2 days, the Rotary International Presidential Conference will witness power-packed sessions, including First In Class & Rotary India literary mission campaign MoU special event and a panel discussion on disruptive innovation.

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