UN accepts SFJ’s donation: Time for India to put its foot down

14 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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UNHCR has confirmed receiving a donation of $10,000 by the pro-Khalistan group- 'Sikhs for Justice', an outfit which is outlawed by India. While this is a test for defunct UN, it is also high time ...

The United Nations has acquired a donation of $10,000 (Rs. 7 lakh) from the pro-Khalistan group Sikh For Justice which is outlawed by India. SFJ has also asked the United Nations to set up a ‘commission of inquiry to research the alleged mistreatments of those involved in farmer protests.

Call for Inquires or COIs are set up to respond to situations of serious violations of human rights and international Humanitarian Law. one such committee has been formed in Syria at present.

A spokesperson for the office of the United Nation High Commission For Human Rights confirmed receiving the donation online on 1 March from an individual representing the Sikhs For Justice group. he also said that the UN doesn’t decline donations unless they are from groups or individuals which are listed on the UN Sanctions list or the individual or the organisation is engaged in activities manifestly contrary to the UN Charter or its principles.

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Talking about the COI, the spokesperson said that there is no such plan for any COI . he further said that most of COIs are officially set up with a specific mandate by the 47 member states of the UN Human Rights Council, and have a budget attached which states agree upon and any contribution or donation does not oblige the OHCHR to carry out any specific activity.

The SFJ  has also launched a secure portal to gather and collect data on anyone who has gone through any kind of ‘mistreatment at the hands of Indian officials for supporting the farmer’s protest’. as per the portal, the data entered is directly sent to the OHCHR. Responding to this, the spokesperson of OHCHR stated that the body receives data and information through many channels and a very strict methodology is used to review and evaluate such information.

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