Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Shah Launches MBBS Hindi Coursebook in Bhopal Today

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Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, was also present. The first state in the nation to begin an MBBS programme in Hindi is Madhya Pradesh. Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry are the first three disciplines chosen to be studied in Hindi.

At Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal, a group of 97 professionals has been working on the book preparation for the last 232 days. The book is now being translated from English to Hindi. Vishwas Sarang, the state’s minister of medical education, is regularly evaluating the job.

Sarang stated in a statement, “In order to convert courses into Hindi, we are doing everything we can to promote Hindi. In the first part, we covered three topics. Courses for the second year are now being translated. The college will have Hindi books available, which is good for the pupils.”

“Colleges in several nations, including Germany, Russia, China, France, and others, offer instruction in their native tongues. Consequently, we’ve also begun, and this is the first experiment in 75 years,” he explained.

Sarang also gave a description of the Mandaar, the location where translation work is being done. According to him, the team of 97 doctors held intellectual brainstorming in the Mandar (War room), from which it got its name, much as the deity churned Mandarachal (Mandar mountain) during “Samundra Manthan.”

“Although it was not a simple assignment, we wrote it in very simple terms. It has been produced to aid students in their academic pursuits,” according to the media agency.

The expert added that certain new chapters, such as those on sodium, potassium, water homeostasis, biochemistry techniques, radiation, radioisotopes, and environmental pollutants and toxins, are applied in the new edition of Medical Biochemistry.

Additionally, additional line diagrams, tables, and text boxes have been included to help readers remember the material.

In the lower limb and abdominal parts of the Anatomy edition, additional chapters on surface anatomy have also been introduced. To help students retain more information, new line diagrams, CT and MRI diagram tables, and flow charts have been introduced.

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