Shilpa Shetty creates a video with husband Raj and son Viaan in modern Mahabharat style

27 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

Shilpa Shetty Entertainment

Shilpa Shetty is creating funny videos in this quarantine to keep her fans entertained, in one of her latest videos she has shown us a glimpse of modern Mahabharat. Read the article and check out h...

As the whole nation is under lockdown and everybody is at their homes trying new ways to pass their times, Shilpa Shetty the judge of Super Dancer is making her fans roll on the floor through her hilariously funny videos. Shilpa is spending her time with her family and is also making her fans happy through her funny videos. The actress makes her videos with her husband Raj Kundra and her son Viaan and shares in on her social media account for her fans. The latest video which she shared on her social media account was of the Kundra family fighting in the Mahabharat iconic style with their modern weapons.

Viaan, Shilpa’s son initiates the fight when he goes and tells Raj that mom is calling him fat this irks him and Raj says that tell her to be ready for war. On the other hand, Viaan comes and tells Shilpa that dad is calling her lazy. This makes Shilpa furious and then she gets ready for the fight. When they both are set for the war they take out their weapons which are of the modern era, they use pichkaris as weapons.

Pichkaris are used in Holi for throwing water on other people. But modern fights have modern weapons and interestingly the way two arrows clash with each other and then fall off in Mahabharat, similarly these pichkaris too clash and fall. Shilpa gave the caption of the video that this is their modern-day Mahabharat as when Viaan initiated a fight between both of them the concept of Sunday changed from relaxation to fight. She also said that modern-day Mahabharat ha modern-day problems as well as modern weapons.

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