Shirley Setia says one needs to self motivate themselves to achieve their goals

7 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Shirley Setia says that one needs to have a lot of confidence in themselves for achieving their goals, she added that even she waited a lot to make her debut in an acting project. Read the full art...

Shirley Setia is an amazing singer, who made her debut in acting with the Netflix film, Maska. The film is about a guy who wants to become a Bollywood actor, and on the other hand, his family wants him to continue their family business of Irani Bakery. In the film, the guy then meets a girl who makes him realize that life is not easy as it seems like, one needs to really work hard to achieve what they want. The netflix film Maska also has, Manisha Koirala, Javed Jaffrey, Prit Kamani and Nikita Dutta. In an interview, Shirley Setia opened up about how tough it was for her to get an acting project.
In the interview, she was asked how did she land up into acting? To which she replied that it was not easy for her as she was auditioned to get the role of Peris Mistry in Maska. She said that Shivani and Seher reached out to her last year and told her that they want to audition her for a film and wanted to see whether she is serious about acting just like singing or not. The diva added that they gave her some three monologues for which she had to prepare herself and after learning those monologues she went to their office for the audition.

Shirley then revealed in the interview that she has done an acting course from New York Academy as well. Setia said that she needed to believe in herself a lot that she will make it as an actress soon, as on its way everybody faces a lot of rejections so one needs to keep themselves calm and confident. She even added that many at times it happens that you come close to your goal and then it just cancels up, so one needs to become a self-motivator and motivate themselves fo achieving their goal.