Thursday, November 30, 2023

“Shocking”: Kerala Vice President of the BJP on Hamas leader’s attendance at a pro-Palestine demonstration

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State BJP Vice President VT Rema expressed “shock” that Hamas leader Khaled Mashal attended a pro-Palestine rally in Kerala, claiming that a “group of Islamic terrorists” had “shown their real mindset” in a secular nation like India.
“Hearing the shocking news was. Seeing that a bunch of Islamic terrorists has revealed their true intentions in Kerala, India’s southernmost state, and in a secular nation like India is both terrible and deployable. Everyone is aware that Hamas unexpectedly and shockingly attacked Israel,” Rema

The youth arm of Jamaat-Islami in Kerala, Solidarity Youth Movement, hosted the event, which the leader of Hamas attended. Mashal, a former head of Hamas, spoke to the group essentially in Arabic.
Following the gathering, Kerala BJP president K Surendran criticized the state administration and declared that such incidents were intolerable.
“It is concerning that Hamas leader Khaled Mashel spoke virtually at the Solidarity gathering in Malappuram. Pinarayi Vijayan’s Kerala Police: where are they? Under the pretense of ‘Save Palestine,’ they are elevating the terrorist group Hamas and its leaders to the status of ‘warriors.’ This can’t happen! HMO India “On Friday, K Surendran shared something on X.

On Saturday, the Israel-Hamas conflict entered its 22nd day. India issued a strong condemnation of “the horrific terrorist attack on Israel” on October 7 and stated that there can be no equivocation in the international community’s fight against terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations.
“There was also the Palestine problem, on which we have reaffirmed our support for direct talks aimed at achieving a two-state solution. We have also conveyed our worries on the humanitarian crisis and civilian losses. In a media briefing earlier this month, Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, stated, “We would urge the strict observance of international humanitarian law.”

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