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Sidhharrth S Kumaar – Man Who is Reimagining Astro Numerology in Unexplored Areas

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Determining what the future has in store has interested humans since the dawn of humanity. Numerous fields of occult sciences have evolved throughout the history of civilization and have demonstrated their importance for ages. Numerology is a discipline of heavenly science that deals with deciphering the future via the prism of numbers, among other things.

A numerologist can disclose a person’s past, present, and future by using numbers 0 to 9. Through the use of numbers, numerology can benefit humanity in addressing real challenges.Not only may these data be used to predict what will happen, but they can also be utilized to treat a variety of human problems.

Today, we welcome the well-renowned Astro-Numerologist, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, to discuss his life path and how he came to work in the area of Occult Sciences and Numerology.

Sidhharrth S Kumaar has been a well-known name in Astro-numerology, and he is continuing on his forefathers’ history. He has now been practicing Numerology over the last eight years and has used his skills and expertise to address critical challenges for people and organizations.

Let’s know more about him

Sidhharrth S Kumaar was born on September 14, 1990, in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, to a traditional family.Here, he attended CBSE-affiliated schools for his early education.

He came to Alwar, Rajasthan, after finishing high school and earning a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Alwar Pharmacy College, which is affiliated with Rajasthan University of Health Services in Jaipur.

He has spent more than a decade doing serious research on holistic health regimens and their customization based on a person’s Name and Date of Birth.

The exclusive research, which has since become a trade secret, combines the greatest aspects of sound therapy, Astro-numerology, crystals, binaural beats, meditation, and yoga to create a proactive individualized health program.

What was that reason which drewyou to this field? Who was responsible for enlightening you about this field?

The family’s long heritage is mirrored in the study and interest in occult sciences.I received occult knowledge since the start of my life, and it has since evolved into a means of transforming human life via the knowledge and skills bestowed by the Creator.

My great grandfather, from whom I learnt the nitty-gritty of Palmistry and Astrology, is responsible for my initial learning and introduction to occult knowledge.Besides these fundamentals of occult sciences, I also was told inspiring life tales from our holy books, such as Ramayana and the Vedas, as well as actual life experiences of ancestors written down as memoirs.

Following that, I learned about Lama Fera, Numerology, and a variety of other occult practices.This gaining of occult knowledge was taking place at the same time as contemporary scientific education, thanks to the efforts and direction of gurus.

Tell us more about your initial days, while learning about the nuances of this branch of Occult Science.

I began learning when I was six years old, and every day since then has been an educational adventure with the goal of adding new knowledge to my life.I regard myself as a lifelong student who is enthralled by the prospect of learning something new with each passing moment.

In the beginning, the Astro-numerology guidance I gave was just to those I knew (referrals, virtually friends, relatives, and so on).With time, the advice given in-person to a small number of individuals began to yield fruit, and on the encouragement of those close friends, NumroVani was founded on September 15, 2019, and I began counseling the people on both, offline and online modes.

We came to know that you have invented a new numerology system, i.e., Zero Numerology. Can you please throw some more light on it?

Zero Numerology is a new evolution in the field of Numerology envisioned by me. The new numerology system considers 0 as a divine number and the axis of Numerology. All other numbers 1-9 revolve around the Zero. Furthermore, the current system relies on and derives its significance from the Date of Birth (each number of the date of birth), Name (each letter of the name), Birth Time, Birth Order, and a lot more. The need for this system is hidden in the fact that with the evolution of time, the digital world is developing and the outreach of services like mobile numbers, email ID, and social media presence is also increasing.

Can you please help tell us about your recently published book?

The current series of books talk about Birth Order & its impact on human life.  The nature trait and behavior pattern has been correlated with the Birth Pattern of the Child. First Borns (Elder Children) share a similar set of behavioral traits. Birth order also impacts the core numbers of a person in Numerology. For example, two individuals with birth number 1, one who is a first-born and the other a last-born, will show different nature traits.

As we know, many people say that occult science (aka numerology) is a pseudoscience. What are your thoughts on the same?

I personally feel that the current generation relies purely on evidence-based facts. With this vision in mind, I have published multiple research papers in peer-reviewed journals to synthesize evidence-based studies in occult sciences as well. At the moment, many more research papers are in different stages of consideration.

When you look back, what are those accomplishments which relieve you of your decision to work in this field?

The greatest success is witnessing the smiles on the faces of the individuals I have guided and continue to guide on a daily basis.

Lord Shiva and my gurus are responsible for all of my accomplishments. I’ve helped people, celebs, and corporations with real-life issues, and I’ve helped them regain their smiles. The true strength that made me who I am today is people’s connection and affection. A reputable publication has ranked me as a top spiritual guide.

In addition, several organizations and NGOs have acknowledged and honored me for my efforts, including the GBTEOI Award, Prime Time Global Icon Awards, India Star Republic Award, among others. Over time, my presence on social media (NumroVani) has amassed more than 50K+ followers, and it continues to expand every day.

What is your biggest USP in numerology practice?

I consider myself as a research learner, who is putting every effort to give this beautiful science a new look by rediscovering it with analogous examples of the contemporary world. The passion to give back to the community inspired me to devote around one and a half decades to spend time in hibernation and do researches.

Some of the key research highlights are as follows:

  • We have innovated binaural beats customization, which is based on the date of birth and name of the person, to help them lead a prosperous and healthy life.
  • Our proprietary research in brand name combines the best of letters, sounds, and yantra sciences to create brands with an NPS of 10 on 10 for around 24 months in our evaluation.

To enhance the quality of their lives, how can the readers reach out to you?

In light of the present scenario, I may be contacted through my social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and website.The consultation is available both online and in person.

How do you plan to add value to the lives of people,in the near future?

My mission is to help everyone become their best selves for a brighter future by working on the present.So, I hope that in the next few years, I will have a positive influence on millions of people, assisting them in realizing their actual value and living a satisfied, pleasant, and wealthy life.

If there’s just one thing that you can advise our readers, what would it be?

To everyone reading this, my only advice is to pursue your ambition and devote yourself fully to it.One’s greatest competitor is simply oneself.Every day, you compete with yourself, paving the way for you to bloom into a flower.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your life path, Sidhharrth S Kumaar.Your life path is full of inspiration, and we are certain that it will encourage many others to pursue their dreams.We sincerely wish you the best of luck in all of your forthcoming pursuits.

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