Sunday, December 10, 2023

Khalistani PM Security Breach Plot: Time Boris Govt Bans SFJ?

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Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannu praised farmers for ‘stopping PM Modi’s cavalcade’ in Ferozepur on Wednesday, calling it a first step toward ‘Khalistan independence.’ Pannu said in a video message that Sikhs had driven Modi out of Punjab and that the next elections will determine the outcome of the Khalistan referendum. On January 26, 2021, the NIA charged Pannu with making murder threats against the Punjab Chief Minister, infiltrating a farmers’ rally, and disturbing law and order. Punjab will have elections in February.

In the video he threatens Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that Khalistanis are preparing to separate Punjab from India. Pannu frequently posts incendiary films to his YouTube account in order to urge Punjabi Sikhs to fight India.

He is heard proclaiming in this video that the Free Khalistan Referendum campaign began on January 5 and that the people of Punjab have begun their road toward independence. Pannu added that the Free Khalistan Referendum campaign began on January 5 when ‘Tirange wale (Indians)’ evacuated Punjab for Delhi, while ‘Khande and Kesri wale (Sikhs)’ drove India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to depart Punjab.

The outlawed terrorist organization’s commander also issued veiled threats to the Indian government, claiming that Punjab had taken the first steps toward independence. The people of Punjab have made their decision today. He went on to say that when “Indira had arrived with weaponry, they had returned the favour” (referring to the murder of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi), Modi and his government should take notice.

He went on to say that the Khalistan Referendum campaign is built on ballots, not bombs, and that they will utilise the power of votes to free Punjab from India’s grasp. Pannu went on to say that Punjab has planned to hold the referendum at the same time as the Assembly elections in 2022, and that any political party that opposes Kesari, whether it’s the Congress’s Channi, Sidhu, the BJP, or the ‘Jhadu wale (AAP),’ would be stamped with the Khanda.

Pannu also called on young Sikhs to raise the Khalistani flag on the India Gate and remove the Indian flag from the India Gate and throughout Delhi in another video uploaded on January 11. Anyone who hoists the Khalistani flag at the Gateway of India would get a prize of 2.5 lakh dollars, according to Pannu. He also warned the Indian government, warning that if peaceful rallies are suppressed, Sikhs will join the armed rebellion.

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