Monday, December 11, 2023

BJP Alleges AAP’s Smoke Towers Don’t Work

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The AQI reached the “severe” category on Monday, prompting the BJP to claim that AAP has failed to reduce air pollution in the nation’s capital. They claimed that due to respiratory issues, there is an emergency-like situation in the city.

The opposition also called for the L-G to get involved and take immediate action to contain the situation. “At 9 am, the AQI in most of Delhi reached the 450-mark, signalling an emergency-like condition. The government did not actually take any action to reduce pollution at the source, merely making statements, according to a party leader.

The government made a big deal about installing smoke guns, but the ones at Connaught Place have since broken down, and the sweeping machines haven’t proven to be very efficient either. The main highways need a lot of work, he noted.

Another BJP leader charged that the AAP administration was running a fraud under the guise of pollution management. He claimed that despite the fact that 1.34 crore automobiles are already on city roads, the AAP government itself believes that vehicle pollution is the main cause of air pollution in Delhi during the winter.

“Despite promising to build 10 smoke towers, the government only built one and spent Rs 22.91 crore on it. Despite spending approximately Rs 2.58 crore on maintenance in the months of March, April, and May, the tower is still not operational, the leader claimed.

Despite the national capital’s AQI rising to the “severe” level, the Centre’s air quality panel opted not to impose limits under Stage III of the anti-air pollution action plan.

The opposition called for immediate action to calm the situation and suggested that the L-G get involved. “At 9 am, the AQI in the majority of regions exceeded 450. According to a BJP leader, the government just made declarations regarding pollution control and took no actual action.

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