Sunday, December 3, 2023

SNL: Dave Chappelle talks Kanye and antisemitism in monologue

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In a protracted stand-up routine, Chappelle made references to Herschel Walker, a candidate for the Senate, and former President Donald Trump. He may have also hinted at the backlash against his jokes regarding transgender individuals.

I repudiate antisemitism in all its forms, he read from a small piece of paper before starting his practise. And I support my Jewish friends in this fight. That’s how you buy yourself some time, Kanye.

Regarding West, Chappelle said he usually spoke with the rapper when West was at the centre of a dispute, but this time he waited to see how people would react to West’s antisemitic remarks. In addition, Chappelle made light of the NBA player who was benched by the Brooklyn Nets for remarks made after posting a link to an anti-Semitic film on social media, saying, “Kanye got in so much trouble, Kyrie got in trouble.”

Chappelle said it’s “not a strange thing to think – but it’s a stupid thing to speak out loud in an atmosphere like today.” He added that he could understand how West would “accept the delusion that the Jews dominate show business.”

“I realise the Jewish people have suffered terrible things across the world, but you can’t blame it on Black Americans,” he continued. You simply cannot.

Chappelle ended the monologue by confessing to the audience that he no longer enjoyed performing in front of large crowds, saying “it shouldn’t be this scary to talk about anything, it makes my job incredibly difficult,” in an apparent reference to the backlash some comics receive when audiences find their jokes offensive.

He said, “I hope they don’t steal anything from me.” Whatever they may be.

In a number of stand-up specials that have been shown over the past few years, Chappelle has made explicit jokes about the bodies of trans women and misgendered trans persons. After the publication of his multi-million dollar Netflix special, “The Closer,” which offended LGBTQ supporters and caused several Netflix employees to protest the firm and urge for the film to be deleted, criticism of his comments swiftly increased in 2021.

The programme, which received two further Emmy nominations, was supported by Netflix. Shortly after the airing of his special, Chappelle responded to the criticism by going on tour and informing his audience that while he was prepared to discuss with trans opponents, he was not “bending to anyone’s demands.”

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