Social worker and politician Sachin Shinde comes in aid of people amidst the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

20 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

Sachin Shinde Business

Entrepreneur and Mumbai-based politician and social worker Sachin Shinde is helping the community immensely with his contributions amid Covid-19 pandemic. Besides the financial donations through hi...

Humankind is facing one of the toughest challenges right now. Going through all the ups and downs in life, nobody ever imagined that a pandemic called COVID-19 would create such havoc. In India, the coronavirus outbreak for a month has created a ruckus with the second wave being more dangerous than that of last year. Amidst this, many people have come in the aid of helping one another. Entrepreneur and Mumbai-based politician and social worker Sachin Shinde has made some immense contributions during this time.

Being associated with the Bhartiya Janta Party, he has often done a lot of charitable works in the last few years. With a core responsibility of giving it back to society, Mr Shinde through his NGO ‘Maitri Foundation’ has made some commendable donations. Besides the financial donations, he has led many distribution drives and has initiated an ample number of causes for underprivileged people. Recently, in the Mahim area of Mumbai and other nearby areas, he had installed benches for the senior citizens.

Well, that is one of the nicest things about Sachin. He is a firm believer of “Be good, do better, and the best will come to you.” Ever since the cases of COVID-19 had risen in Maharashtra and all over India, Sachin Shinde and his team took the core responsibility of arranging meals, ration kits and other essential commodities for needy people. Apart from this, he even helped many people arrange oxygen beds, plasma donations for those who suffered from the deadly virus. He believes that one must be there for another and that is what one calls for being a true human to another.

While speaking about the same, the politician revealed, “These are the testing times. We must be there for each other. Rather than create differences, we must unite and help one another. Only humanity and the strength of unity can defeat this coronavirus. I urge everyone to stay home and be safe. We shall overcome this situation, and I hope everything becomes normal as it was before.” As of now, the streak of helping people is being continued by Sachin Shinde and the team, and it seems that they have doubled up the speed in reducing the active cases of coronavirus across the state and other nearby areas.