Sunday, December 10, 2023

SpiceJet Turbulence: Engineer fired for allowing flight to take off again

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The Director General of Civil Aviation announced today that two of the passengers wounded in the turbulence experienced by a Spicejet flight from Mumbai during its landing in Bengal’s Durgapur on Sunday have been taken to the Intensive Care Unit. Two Spicejet personnel were de-registered by the aviation authorities, who then allowed the plane to fly from Durgapur to Kolkata pending a formal investigation.

“Following an examination, the carrier positioned the plane in Kolkata. The DGCA has taken the following actions: DGCA has off rostered the involved crew, including the AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) who released the aircraft from Durgapur and was in charge of M/s Spice Jet’s Maintenance Control Center, pending investigation “In a statement released today, the DGCA stated.

During the landing on Sunday, fourteen passengers and three crew members were hurt. According to the DGCA, the injuries were to the head, spine, shoulder, forehead, and face.

“At Durgapur, two of the passengers are in intensive care. One of the passengers was sent to Diamond Hospital with a head injury, while the other was taken to Mission Hospital with a spine injury “The note continued.

Patients with head injuries had to get stitches. 

The DGCA, which is investigating the event, has released disturbing details about the landing, including how the autopilot failed and the aeroplane had to be managed manually for several minutes.

“The following events occurred as a result of the aircraft’s extreme turbulence… The oxygen panels detach and the oxygen masks fall away. The overhead ornamental panel and a couple seat hand rests have been damaged. The lock on one cabin overhead bin (hat rack) was found to be damaged. The objects from the galley were thrown across the floor. The same was true in the aisle “The note continued.

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