AUSTRALIA: Bermuda Cricketer Jason Anderson has been handed a life ban after being involved in a never seen before on-field brawl. 
The incident took place during the Bermuda’s Champion of Champions tournament. 
Jason Anderson indulged in a brawl with rival team’s batsman George O’Brien. The batsman first resisted but later gave in to fighting and then swung the bat at Anderson. 
The fight turned real ugly and both were wrestling each other to the ground. The players, officials and security staff had to intervene and tried separating the two cricketers. 
This one is a very rare scene as, to the most we have witnessed sledging and players’ face-off against each other but something like this has happened for the first time on a cricket ground. 
Whereas, Jason Anderson has been handed over a lifetime ban, being he initiator of the brawl, George O’Brien has been suspended for six months, considering his resistance which he showed at the first place. 
Jason Anderson, is a wicketkeeper for Cleveland County Cricket Club and George O’Brien, is a batsman for Willow Cricket Club and the brawl took place during the Champions of Champion finale at St. David’s Cricket Club ground in Australia.

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