Buenos Aires: Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona said more FIFA leaders should be imprisoned, a media report said.
He also said that FIFA president Joseph Blatter is “corrupt” and UEFA president Michel Platini is “a liar”,
“More FIFA leaders should be imprisoned. I am still supporting the project of Ali Bin Al Hussein, Prince of Jordan, for FIFA transparency,” Xinhua quoted Maradona as saying in an interview with Argentina’s sports daily Ole.
“I have said that someone who is besides a corrupt man as Blatter cannot ignore the situation. Let us remember Platini said he was going to leave the FIFA offices and that he was going to give the votes to Prince Ali. He is a liar,” said Maradona, also former coach of Argentina.
On September 25, the Swiss justice opened an investigation for an alleged “illegal payment” of some two million euros from Blatter to Platini to the detriment of FIFA.
“Now, Swiss justice will investigate him. Platini learned with Blatter. And this is something I will state my opinion until the last day of my life,” added Maradona.