Quito: Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) president Luis Chiriboga has announced that he would not resign amid the allegations about his involvement in the FIFA corruption scandal.
Chiriboga, who has had his position since 1998, told reporters on Friday that he would cooperate with the United States justice system so that his name would be cleared, reports Xinhua.
The FEF president was among the 16 current and former high-ranking Latin American soccer executives from FIFA, in a corruption case that has shaken the organisation. 
Since the FIFA corruption scandal broke in May 2015, the FEF president has asked for the FEF accounts to be looked into, according to Chiriboga. 
“Since the beginning we have told Ecuador’s Attorney General’s office that we are going to cooperate with the whole investigation and today I confirm that. For that reason I want to say that I will not resign from the FEF,” said Chiriboga.