Brisbane:  It was a smash sixer, no doubt. For it cracked the windscreen of a parked cab. The driver was furious and drove his vehicle right in the middle of the pitch here in a university cricket match.
In Queensland’s Warehouse Cricket Association B1 fixture between Macgregor and Griffith universities on Saturday, a straight lift from Macgregor’s Nigel Sherborne went sailing over the boundary and smashed the windscreen of the parked cab, reports on Sunday.
The driver was furious and decided to park his car in the middle of the pitch at the DM Henderson Park so that the game cannot continue.
Macgregor secretary Troy Burns wrote on the club’s Facebook page about the incident.
“Not happy and in protest he then drove onto the field and parked in the centre of the pitch.”
The state police had to be called to deal with the matter and the angry driver had to move his vehicle back but by then the game had lost eight overs.
A few minutes later in the match, Macgregor wicketkeeper Brett ‘BJ’ Bednarski was hit by a follow-through from a hook shot. However, it was not a very serious injury and Brett escaped with a few stitches.