SYDNEY: Australia beat India with 95 runs in the second semi final at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to enter the final battle against New Zealand on Sunday. 

After winning the toss, Australian Captain Michael Clarke chose to bat first at the second semi-final today held at Sydney Cricket Ground amid a crowd of more than 87, 000.

Catch the live cricket score here:

4:50 PM (IST): OUT! And it’s over! Last wicket gone! Australia enters the World Cup 2015 Final with New Zealand

4:45 PM (IST): OUT! Another one gone. Mohit Sharma bowled and departs at duck. India 232/9 in 45.5 overs. 4:42 PM: OUT! R Ashwin bowled by James Faulkner for 5.

4:52 PM (IST): Australia beat India by 95 runs!

4:50 PM (IST): OUT! And it’s over! Last wicket gone! Australia enters the World Cup 2015 Final with New Zealand

4:45 PM (IST): OUT! Another one gone. Mohit Sharma bowled and departs at duck. India 232/9 in 45.5 overs. 4:42 PM: OUT! R Ashwin bowled by James Faulkner for 5.

4:37 PM (IST): OUT! Dhoni leaves the ground after a direct hit from Maxwell. Dhoni is gone for 65. India 231/7

4:35 PM (IST): India need 106 runs in 42 balls

4:33 PM (IST): After 43 overs, India at 223/6

4:31 PM (IST): SIX! Another magnificent shot by the Captain!

4:30 PM (IST): SIX: Dhoni goes for a big one

4:28 PM (IST): India need 121 runs in 49 balls

4:25 PM (IST): OUT! Direct hit from Steven Smith! Ravindra Jadeja departs at 16. India at 208 for 6 in 41.5 overs

4:22 PM (IST): FOUR! India at 2014/5 in 41 overs

4:20 PM (IST): MS Dhoni plays it in the air! Clarke drops it

4:17 PM (IST): FOUR! Jadeja plays it into the gap

4:06 PM (IST): India needs 150 runs in 78 balls

4:04 PM (IST): OUT! Rahane out at 44! Third Umpire allows Rahane to depart from the crease. India at India 178/5 in 36.2 overs.

4:00 PM (IST): India at 177/4 in 36 overs

3:57 PM (IST): FOUR! Dhoni hits a boundary

3:53 PM (IST): Dot balls coming in for India continuously 

3:50 PM (IST): 159 runs required for India to enter the World Cup Final in 90 balls.

3:46 PM (IST): FOUR! Rahane plays on Watson’s over

3:45 PM (IST): Seventh over of Mitchell Johnson gave seven runs

3:42 PM (IST): FOUR! Rahane smashes to hit the boundary

3:40 PM (IST): After 32 overs, India at 150 for 4

3:30 PM (IST): FOUR! Dhoni plays Hazlewood straight down the ground.

3:25 PM (IST): India needs 195 runs to win the match

3:20 PM (IST): After 28 overs, India at 130/4

3:18 PM (IST): New over by Glenn Maxwell

3:15 PM (IST): 208 runs required for Indian in 24 overs to win the match

3:10 PM (IST): In 24 overs, India at 110/4

3:06 PM (IST): OUT! Raina departs at 7. Haddin takes his second catch of the match. India 108/4 in 23 overs.

3:04 PM (IST): FOUR! Raina hits to the boundary

3:00 PM (IST): India needs 227 runs in 28 overs!

2:50 PM (IST): After 19 overs, India at 94/3

2:45 PM (IST): OUT! OUT! Trouble increases for India! Johnson gets his second wicket. India at 91/3 in 18 overs.

2:43 PM (IST): SIX! Magnificent shot by Rohit!

2:35 PM (IST): After 16 overs, India at 80/2

2:30 PM (IST): Rahane comes to the crease as the next batsman!

2:29 PM (IST): OUT! Virat Kohli out at 1 off 13 balls! Caught by Haddin! India at 78/2 in 15.3 overs!

2:28 PM (IST): Three dot balls in a row!

2:27 PM (IST): Josh Hazlewood starts the next over

2:26 PM (IST): After 14 overs, India at 77/1

2:24 PM (IST): Four dot balls in a row

2:22 PM (IST): Johnson begins the new over

2:21 PM (IST): Virat Kohli comes to the crease!

2:20 PM (IST): OUT! Shikhar Dhawan out at 45. Maxwell takes the catch! India at 76/1 in 12.5 overs

2:18 PM (IST): After 12 overs, India at 73/0

2:17 PM (IST): 13 runs in the over!

2:15 PM (IST): FOUR! Another one by Dhawan

2:15 PM (IST): Wide ball

2:14 PM (IST): FOUR! A big shot by Dhawan!

2:11 PM (IST): India at 60/0

2:10 PM (IST): Mitchell Johnson delivered the next over!

2:08 PM (IST): After 10 overs, India at 55/0 

2:07 PM (IST): SIX! Amazing shot 

2:06 PM (IST): FOUR! Another one!

2:06 PM (IST): FOUR! Dhawan plays it to deep extra cover

2:05 PM (IST): India takes only single, misses the chance of a big shot!

2:04 PM (IST): James Faulkner comes gives a No ball. It’s a free hit!

2:03 PM (IST): After 9 overs, India at 39/0

1:42 PM (IST): After 4 overs, India 15/0

1:41 PM (IST): Australia misses Shikhar Dhawan’s catch

1:40 PM (IST): FOUR! Dhawan smashes towards the boundary.

1:39 PM (IST): Hazlewood comes again for the next over!

1:38 PM (IST): After 3 overs, India at 9 for 0

1:35 PM (IST): Mitchell Starc delivers the next over

1:33 PM (IST): Over 2 ends, India at 7 for 0

1:32 PM (IST): Rohit Sharma plays it in the air. Ball falls safely!

1:31 PM (IST): two dot balls in a row!

1:30 PM (IST): New over begins with Josh Hazlewood

1:30 PM (IST): India needs 329 runs to win

1:29 PM (IST): End of first over! India at 4/0

1:28 PM (IST): FOUR! Superb shot by Sharma!

1:27 PM (IST): Sigh of relief for Sharma! NOT OUT!

1:26 PM (IST): Big appeal for a catch at the slips! Field umpire seeks help of third umpire!

1:25 PM (IST): Good start for Starc, no runs in first three balls

1:23 PM (IST): Mitchell Starc begins the first over with a dot ball.

1:20 PM (IST): India starts batting with Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan

12:54 PM (IST): End of over 50: Australia AT 328/7

12:53 PM (IST): Johnson scored 27 runs off 9 balls.

12:52 PM (IST): SIX! Magnificent shot by Johnson, plays it to deep midwicket

12:49 PM (IST): FOUR! Johnson plays it long!

12:47 PM (IST): Mohit Sharma comes forward for the last over!

12:46 PM (IST): After 49 overs, Australia at 313 for 7!

12:45 PM (IST): FOUR! Third in a row! 

12:43 PM (IST): FOUR1 Another four!

12:43 PM (IST): FOUR! In his first ball, Mitchell Johnson hits a four.

12:40 PM (IST): Shami comes to deliver the 40th over!

12:39 PM (IST): After 48 overs, Australia at 299/7

12:38 PM (IST): OUT! Shane Watson gone for 28! Mohit Sharma gets his second wicket!

12:34 PM (IST): FOUR! Watson plays it to extra cover

12:33 PM (IST): Mohit Sharma comes for the next over!

12:32 PM (IST): FOUR! Haddin plays it straight down the ground. Australia at 288/6 in 47 overs.

12:30 PM (IST): brilliant balling coming from Yadav.

12:29 PM (IST): OUT! Umesh Yadav gets his fourth wicket! Clean bowled. AUS 284/6 in 46.3 overs

12:28 PM (IST): Single followed by four runs!

12:27 PM (IST): Umesh Yadav starts another over!

12:23 PM (IST): SIX! Faulkner hits Jadeja to deep midwicket

12:16 PM (IST): Australia at 258/5 in 44 overs.

12:08 PM (IST): OUT! Micahel Clarke gone at 10! Mohit Sharma gets the big one! Australia at 248/5 in 42.1 overs

12:06 PM (IST): After 42 overs, Australia at 248/4

12:03 PM (IST): Jadeja comes to bowl! Four runs in first ball!

12:03 PM (IST): End of over 41: Australia at 241/4.

12:01 PM (IST): Only two runs in the four balls!

11:59 AM (IST): Shami comes back to attack!

11:58 AM (IST): Only eight runs in last eight overs!

11:46 AM (IST): OUT! Glenn Maxwell leaves as R Ashwin gets the big wicket. Australia at 232/3 in 37.3 overs.

11:43 AM (IST): After 37 overs, Australia 231/2

11:41 AM (IST): SIX! Maxwell hits a six! A big one!

11:40 AM (IST): FOUR! Maxwell hits an easy boundary

11:30 AM (IST): Yadav delivers back to back wides

11:29 AM (IST): Glen Maxwell comes to crease!

11:27 AM (IST): OUT! Smith gone for 105! Yadav gets his second wicket! AUS at 197/2 in 34.1 overs

11:20 AM (IST): 16 runs from Mohit Sharma’s over! Australia at 197/1 in 34 overs.

11:19 AM (IST): SIX! Finch puts Mohit Sharma in trouble

11:17 AM (IST): After 33 overs, Australia at 181/1

11:17 AM (IST): SIX! A big shot by Smith!

11:15 AM (IST): Shami comes to bowl

10:56 AM (IST): Australia at 143 for 1 in 27 overs!

10:55 AM (IST): FOUR! Smith delivers a big shot in Jadeja’s over

10:53 AM (IST): Finch playing a sensible inning completes 50. 

10:49 AM (IST): After 25 overs, Australia at 132 for 1

10:48 AM (IST): SIX! Steven Smith smashes it all!

10:41 AM (IST) : Big appeal for LBW from Ravindra Jadeja, not given. Team India opts for Review

10:34 AM (IST): After 20 overs, Australia at 105 for 1

10:32 AM (IST): Steven Smith completes his seventh ODI 50.

10:15 AM (IST): After 15 overs, Australia at 82 for 1

10:14 AM (IST): Five runs from Modhit Sharma’s over!

10:10 AM (IST): 14 overs bowled: Australia 77/1

10:19 AM (IST): Two dot balls followed by a single

10:08 AM (IST): Ravindra Jadeja comes to ball

10:06 AM (IST): After 13 overs, Australia at 71/1

10:02 AM (IST): FOUR! Magnificent shot by Finch

10:01 AM (IST): After 12 overs, Australia 64/1

10:00 AM (IST): FOUR! Smith plays it to deep midwicket.

9:58 AM (IST): End of over 11: Australia 57/1

9:56 AM (IST): Mohit Sharma comes to ball the next over!

9:54 AM (IST): After 10 overs, Australia at 56 for 1

9:52 AM (IST): FOUR: Fourth shot in Yadav’s over!

9:49 AM (IST): FOUR! Another amazing shot by Smith

9:48 AM (IST): FOUR! Smith smashes a big shot!

9:47 AM (IST): After 9 overs, AUS at 40/1

9:46 AM (IST): After Warner’s wicket, Australia takes it easy without any chances and risks

9:45 AM (IST): After 8 overs, Australia at 38 for 1

9:44 AM (IST): Four runs in the fourth over of Umesh Yadav

9:42 AM (IST): Two singles in two balls.

9:40 AM (IST): Yadav delivers the next over

9:39 AM (IST): After 7 overs, Australia at 34 for 1

9:36 AM (IST): Shami delivers the seventh over

9:35 AM (IST): After 6 overs, AUS at 32/1.

9:33 AM (IST): Umesh Yadav in the middle to deliver the next over

9:32 AM (IST): After 5 overs, Australia at 31 for 1

9:25 AM (IST): FOUR! Smith plays a smashing shot!

9:22 AM (IST): OUT! Shami gets his first wicket! David Warner OUT as Virat Kohli takes an easy catch.

9:20 AM (IST): After 3 Overs, Australia at 15/0 

9:16 AM (IST): Shami begins another over by wide

9:15 AM (IST): SIX: Another magnificent shot by Warner!

9:14 AM (IST): FOUR! David Warner smashes it to deep square leg with ease 

9:12 AM (IST): Umesh Yadav delivers the second over

9:12 AM (IST): Good start from India! Shami delivers two runs in the beginning over

9:07 AM (IST): Mohammed Shami will bowl the first over for India.

9:07 AM (IST): David Warner and Aaron Finch are the opening batsmen for Australia. 

9:00 AM (IST): After winning the toss, Australia opted to bat first

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