Anurag Thakur has dropped the biggest hint of a possible nod to the bilateral Indo-Pak cricket series. He also said that they are bound to play cricket with Pakistan as they had signed an MoU.
PCB Chief Shahryar Khan also believes that the decision on the cricket series will take during Sushma Swaraj’s visit to Islamabad.  He also mentioned that he has been informed that Swaraj might bring information regarding the series. 
“We might face difficulty in the logistic arrangements for the series if India further delays its reply. But if they send a positive signal in another couple of days, then we can manage something. As soon as I get any confirmation from the Indian government, I will let you know,” Khan assured.
Omar Abdullah, who is in the favour of the cricket series tweeted:  
The MoU which was signed last year faced trouble due to strained relations between the two countries. Otherwise, the series was scheduled to begin on December 15 in Sri Lanka.
But the big question is, are we ready to play cricket in the times of terror? 

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