The first Asia Cup match is over, folks. Bangladesh put up a strong front with some tough bowling in the initial part of the match, but it was Rohit Sharma’s masterful strokes in the pitch and Pandya’s clever shots which eventually bagged the first match in India’s favour. Some superb bowling by Indian bowlers, especially Ashish Nehra who took two wickets consecutively. Despite injury, Mahendra Singh Dhoni put forward a strong disposition in the field. 
* End of 20th Over: Bangladesh 121/7. India win by 45 runs. 
* Most of the Bangladeshi fans have already left the stadium, and the remaining number of people are already celebrating India’s victory on the first Asia Cup. 
* Last over, Bangladesh needs 50 runs. 
* End of 19th Over: Bangladesh 117/7. 
* End of 18th Over: Bangladesh 108/7. They need 59 runs in 12 balls. 
* It seems highly improbable that with the current strike rate of Bangladesh, the team will be able to even register a score more than 150. 
* End of 17th Over: Bangladesh 102/7. 
* No hat-trick, but no runs conceded also. A great over for Ashish Nehra. 
* Can Ashish Nehra go for a hat-trick? Taskin on strike
OUT AGAIN! Mortaza comes in replacement for Mahmudullah but is caught out on the first ball. 
OUT! That’s an out! Rohit Sharma catches the ball. Mahmudullah is out for 7 runs. 
* End of 16th Over: Bangladesh 96/5. Two boundaries in the match, both fours. Bangladesh needs some urgent ball sacross the line. 
* End of 15th Over: Bangladesh 85/5. 
* Light drizzle in the field, but it seems unlikely that it will hinder the progress of the match. 
Out! Out! Ball hangs high in mid-field, Dhoni gloves are open, and it’s an easy catch. Sabbir Rahman out for 44. 6 runs short of the half-century mark. 
* End of 14th Over: Bangladesh 82/4. 
* End of 13th Over: Bangladesh 76/4. India getting tighter around the field. 
* Mushfiqur Rahim comes in place for Shakib Al Hasan. 
Out! Too late for Shakib Al Hasan, Dhoni is at otherside, and wicket comes India for India. 
* End of 12th Over: Bangladesh 71/3. 
* Boundaries after boundaries, Bangladesh fans getting hyped by the turn of the tide. 
* End of 11th Over: Bangladesh 61/3. 
* Shakib Al Hasan has come in for Imrul Kayes. 
* At 9. 5 overs, India’s score was 52/3 while Bangladesh is 50/3. 
* End of 10th Over: Bangladesh 51/3. 
Wicket! Imrul Kayes is out! It is caught by Yuvraj Singh. The bounce got a top-edge. 
* End of 9th Over: Bangladesh 48/2. 
* Bangladesh’s slow tactic: Will it be too late before they start stacking up the score? 
* End of 8th Over: Bangladesh 42/2. Ashwin concedes a boundary, but saves runs for the rest of the over. 
* End of 7th Over: Bangladesh 36/2. Bangladesh is inching slowly towards the target, but they need some boundaries to ensure a boost later in the game. 
* End of 6th Over: Bangladesh 31/2. Another over without boundary for Bangladesh, but the number snailing towards the goal. 
* End of 5th Over: Bangladesh 27/2. Bangladesh has to hold its ground if it does not want to concede the game. India’s bowling performance looks promising. 
* Imrul Kayes and Sabbir Rahman are playing it safe. 
* Sehwag tweets, “Nehra Ji is back.” The bowler looks menacing as the game proceeds. 
* End of 4th Over: Bangladesh 19/2. One boundary conceded by India. 
* Imrul Kayes comes in place of Soumya Sarkar.
* Another wicket! Soumya Sarkar toppled by unstoppable Ashish Nehra at 11 runs.  
* End of 3rd Over: Bangladesh 15/1. A chance for India to take another wicket, but the catch is missed.
* Loud appeal! But nope, it is not an out. 
* Howzzahh!! Out! Mohammad Mithun out for 1 by Ashish Nehra. 
* End of 2nd Over: Bangladesh 9/0. 
*End of 1st Over: Bangladesh 3/0. 
* Bangladesh opens score. Soumya Sarkar and Mohammad Mithun start for Bangladesh. 
Hard-boil for India in the initial overs of the match. The team struggled with the pitch at first with many of the prominent batsmen leaving the field under a mere score of 15. But Rohit Sharma as emerged as the saviour for this T20 for India as the batsman drove some much-needed boundaries for the team along with HH Pandya who contributed superbly to the score also. 
* End of 20th Over: India 166/6. 
* Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes in replacement in the last hour. He seems unperturbed by his injury. 
* Rohit Sharma is out! A wondrous catch by Soumya Sarkar! Sliding in the green field, absolutely beautiful! 
* End of 19th Over: India 157/4. Close shave for India as it looks to make quick runs in between the wicket in these last overs.
* Seems like India has found a solid footing in the field in these last overs. Pandya’s relentless strike rate is boosting India’s hopes for this match. 
* End of 18th Over: India 149/4. Two boundaries in this over. 50 runs in 3 overs for Rohit-Pandya’s partnership. 
* End of 17th Over: India 136/4. Staggering numbers in the last two overs! 
* Seems like the pitch is proving too slippery for the fielders. Back-to-back boundaries for India. 
* End of 16th Over: India 115/4. 
* Rohit Sharma gorgeously carves a sixer and two fours. 
* End of 15th Over: India 97/4. 
* HH Pandya comes in to replace Yuvraj Singh. 
Out! Yuvraj Singh leaves the podium after 15 runs. 
*Rohit Sharma reaches half-century. 
* End of 14th Over: India 90/3. One boundary in the last over.
* Rohit Sharma is two runs away from making a century. 48 runs. 
* End of 13th Over: India 81/3. No boundaries in the last over. 
* End of 12th Over: India 76/3. One boundary in the last over. 
*Couple of boundaries have come up in the last over. Some poor fielding seen in the field. 
* End of 11th Over: India 66/3.
* End of 10th Over: India 52/3. 
* End of 9th Over: India 47/3. India is still under the 50-run mark. 
* Yuvraj Singh has come in to replace Suresh Raina. 
* End of 8th Over: India now 43/3
* India now 43/3.
Out! Suresh Raina is out for 43. Mahmudullah’s ball has struck the mid-wicket! 
* End of 7th Over: India 39/2 
* End of 6th Over: India 31/2 
*  End of 5th Over: India 23/2 
*  Kohli’s wicket was well set by Mashrafe. 
Suresh Raina comes in to replace Virat Kohli. 
India now 19/2
Out! Virat Kohli has struck the ground. He’s out for 4 runs!
End of 4th Over: India 19/1
End of 3rd Over: India 16/1 
End of 2nd Over: India 9/1 
8 10: Out! Shikhar Dhawan is out for 2. The ball has went right through the wicket! 
1st Over: India 2/0 
8 05pm – Close shave for Rohit Sharma on the first ball. 
8 pm – Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan start for India. 
7 pm – Bangladesh have won the toss and has chosen to bowl first. 
India’s squad – S Dhawan, R G Sharma, V Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, HH Pandya, RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, JJ Bumrah, A Nehra
Bangladesh’s Squad – Imrul Kayes, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mashrafe Mortaza, Mohammad Mithun, Al-Amin Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Taskin Ahmed 

With some initial hiccups prior to this match, its seems unlikely that there are other hindrances to India vs Bangladesh happening today in Mirpur. The pitch has gathered a little dew, but is in an ideal condition. There’s been feedback about Dhoni’s injury status and no official confirmation since yesterday when he suffered a spasm in the back while practicing.