That’s a wrap-up, folks. India’s victory was imminent from the beginning. Pakistan’s bowlers should’ve been on the limelight today, but some very poor performance on the batting side completely devastated all chances that Pakistan had in the match. Virat Kohli, as always, maintained his nerves under pressure earned precious runs for India. This was an amateurish performance from Pakistan, but they really deserve A for an effort. Better luck next time. 
* That’s a decisive four by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. India has won by 5 wickets. Virat Kohli’s 49 was an obvious precedence to India’s victory. 
* End of 15th Over: India 80/5. 
OUT! That’s Hardik Pandya going out for duck. Mohammad Sami has revived some spirit in the game. But India needs only 8 runs. 
That’s a wicket too late! Virat Kohli has been caught with an lbw. The batsmen leaves the podium with 49. One run short of half century. 
* End of 14th Over: India 76/3. 
* India looks towards winning this Asia Cup match easily. They need only 8 runs from 37 balls. 
* End of 13th Over: India 69/3. A free hit for Yuvraj Singh, but it falls short. 
* End of 12th Over: India 63/3. 
* End of 11th Over: India 58/3. 
* End of 10th Over: India 53/3. 
* End of 9th Over: India 50/3. Three boundaries in the over have pumped up India’s score. Not far from victory now. 
* Wahab Riaz’s first ball is a boundary. India need only 43 runs to win now. 
* End of 8th Over: India 35/3. Pakistan needs some desperate in the coming overs if they want to establish a slight chance in the match. 
* End of 7th Over: India 29/3. Two boundaries in the over. 
* Two consecutive fours by Virat Kohli. 
* End of the 6th Over: India 21/3. One wide and no runs conceded. 
* End of the 5th Over: India 20/3. 
* A strong throw towards the wicket, but the ball has missed stumps and hit the umpire. That could’ve been another tragic falling of the wickets. Nothing serious it seems. 
* That’s a dangerous ball from Mohammad Amir. Too much bounce and an unexpected boundary. 
* End of 4th Over: India 13/3. 
* Yuvraj Singh registering the first boundary for India with a four. 
* End of 3rd Over: India 9/3. Yuvraj Singh on the replacement for Suresh Raina. 
OUT! Suresh Raina opts out for 1 run. That’s a special lad right there, folks. Mohammad Amir is indeed special for the Pakistani team. 
* Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina coming in after Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane. 
* End of 2nd Over: India 6/2. 
* Pakistan’s bowling looks promising, but frankly, the total score for India is not daunting at all. Let’s see. 
* End of 1st Over: India 2/2. 
*OUT! OUT! Ajinkya Rahane follows Rohit Sharma out of the podium. That’s a solid ball by Mohammad Amir. 
* Uh oh! That’s an out! Rohit Sharma has been ousted by Mohhamd Amir for 0. 
* First ball by Mohammad Amir, that’s a loud appeal! But not an out. 
* Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane open for India. 
All out for 17.3 over with a score of 83. That’s simply too little a score, even when we’re talking about Pakistan’s powerful bowlers. Pakistan’s performance was simply below the par – completely unexpected. A poor line up and poorer performance, you cannot even argue which one was worse.
OUT! Mohammad Amir is gone! He had no clue of where the ball went. That’s appalling. Pakistan is all out for 83! This is undeniably a poor performance by a team who have defeated India on different occasions. 
OUT! Suresh Raina at the end, an easy catch for him. 
* End of 17th Over: Pakistan 83/8. Two boundaries and a wide from Ashwin. 
* End of 16th Over: Pakistan 71/8. 
* Mohammad coming in for Sarfraz Ahmed. 
OUT! Jadeja shouts in triumph. Sarfraz Ahmed is gone for 25. 
*End of 15th Over: Pakistan 70/7. One  boundary in this over. 
* End of 14th Over: Pakistan 63/7. 
* End of 13th Over: Pakistan 58/7. Ashwin’s over starts. 
* End of 12th Over: Pakistan 56/7. 
OUT! Wahab Riaz taken out by Ravindra Jadeja. As we said earlier, folks, this may end earlier than we expect. 
* End of 11th Over: Pakistan 51/6. 
* Pakistan running between the wickets in hesitation. That is proving too expensive. 
Wahab Riaz and Safraz Ahmed partnership on the test. 
* End of 10th Over: Pakistan 47/6. 
* End of 9th Over: Pakistan 43/6. 
* The misfortune for Pakistan is not the pitch, but the miscommunication between the batsmen who are flying between the wickets unwary of the ball. This may end sooner than we think. 
* Sarfraz Ahmed coming in to replace captain Afridi. 
* End of 8th Over: Pakistan 42/6. 
RUN OUT! Pakistan is crumbling right now. Captain Shahid Afridi is out for 1. 
* Shahid Afridi comes in for Akmal. 
OUT! Yuvraj Singh’s first ball has curved a magic for India! Umar Akmal is out by lbw. 
* End of 7th Over: Pakistan 35/4. 
OUT! OUT! Shoaib Malik, who was the saviour a minute ago, has fallen down. He’s out for four. Bowled out JJ Bumrah. 
* Ummar Akmal replacing Khurram Manzoor. 
* End of 6th Over: Pakistan 32/3. 
OUT! Sad for Khurram Manzoor who wanted to deny his critiques about his performance. A run out for the batsmen. Khurram Manzoor out for 10. 
* End of 5th Over: Pakistan 28/2. 
* A loud appeal by Dhoni and Nehra, but it has been turned down by the umpire. It seems Dhoni is sure that the ball made contact with the bat. 
* End of 4th Over: Pakistan 26/2. 
* Pakistan’s wickets are being toppled by the over, can Shoaib Malik hold the ground? Shoiab Malik replaces Sharjeel Khan. 
* Out! The ball has edged away from Dhoni, but it’s been caught. Sharjeel Khan is out for seven. 
* Four! That’s a lovely shot by Sharjeel Khan. 
* End of 3rd Over: Pakistan 18/1. 
* Four on the right side of the field. Massive cheer from the crowd. India is adorning a good fielding form. 
* End of 2nd Over: Pakistan 5/1. A maiden over. 
* India conceding no runs after the first boundary, 
* That’s a loud appeal, but not an out. Jasprit Bumrah following Nehra. 
* End of 1st Over: Pakistan 5/1. 
* Khurram Manzoor replaced Mohammad Hafeez. 
* OUT! Ashish Nehra has yet again striked with lightning. Mohammad Hafeez is out for four. 
* The game has begun. Mohammad Hafeez and Sharjeel Khan is opening the batting line up for Pakistan. Manzoor’s presence in the team has been put to question quite a lot, it is time that the batsmen proves himself. The pitch looks hard and dry.
* There are considerable amount of crowd gathered at the stadium. Lots of people are queuing up outside the stadium in anticipation of this match. 
* India has won the toss and chosen to bowl first for the game. 
India has chosen to bowl first for the game. The pitch looks in good condition, reduced of the dew which was present in the pitch at the last match. Shahid Afridi seems unfazed by any notion of losing the toss and said he wanted his team to bat first anyway. 
India’s Team: RG Sharma, AM Rahane, V Kohli, SK Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, HH Pandya, RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, JJ Bumrah, A Nehra 
Pakistan’s Team: Khurram Manzoor, Sharjeel Khan, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed†, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Irfan
India’s advent into the Asia Cup started off with good tidings as they beat Bangladesh by 45 runs. But the upcoming match is nothing short of volcanic intensity as the blues face its ancient rival Pakistan in the 4th match of the Asia Cup at Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur. India has to make sure that it protects the early downfall of wickets as it did in its last match against Bangladesh. To rely upon one batsmen to stack up the scores at the end of the game is a risky bet India cannot make. There are questions regarding Dhoni’s condition which might affect his performance in the game, but the team looked in good shape during today’s training session. 
This is the first match between India and Pakistan since the Pathankot attack. Due to the national outrage it provoked and questions it raised in India-Pakistan relations, there is little to suggest that emotions will be suppressed in this game. 

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