If we look at the statistics in all of the matches played by India in the Asia Cup T20, there is little which suggests at any disappointing performance from the team.
When India played against Pakistan on Mirpur stadium, a considerable portion of the cricket community audiences believed that it was going to be a significant match filled with pressure to the brim.
But India toppled Pakistan at a ridiculously low score, one so insignificant that Pakistan’s fantastic bowling attack failed to make any impact. Today’s match against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leaves little to question as India move with brutal force into the finals of the Asia Cup T20.
However, UAE also has venom in its thrust, and victory won’t come easy to India. 
In today’s Asia Cup match between India and UAE, here are the 5 key players whose performances might decide in the outcome of the game. 
Virat Kohli (India):  Virat Kohli is now synonymous with the word ‘composure’. In a match where wickets fall every few deliveries, Kohli is someone who can compose the batting order even on an erratic pitch. The performance of batsmen majorly depend upon who they’re partnered on the pitch with, and Kohli, despite coming-in for India repeatedly in relatively high-stake situations, has always assured that certain spark for India. 
Ashish Nehra (India): One flicker in a heap of dry grass can light-up the barn and Ashish Nehra’s superb bowling has proved exactly that. The super-accurate veteran India bowler since the beginning of the Asia Cup, has consistently toppled important wickets for India – accomplishing a critical feat for the away team.
JJ Bumrah (India): He’s emerged as the ‘Dark Knight’ for the very-hopeful Indian team. The newcomer has spurned some incredibly tight bowling spells for India, resulting in the opposition chocking for runs leading to early breakthroughs. Due to the trend of low scores which have plagued teams playing against India, a comprehensive analysis suggests that the Indian bowlers have played a critical role in all of India’s wins. 
Shaiman Anwar (UAE): When Mahendra Singh Dhoni first emerged as India’s no-questions-asked six-hitter, Shaiman Anwar was stacking his sixes in UAE as well. Taking Rahul Dravid as his model for batting, the batsman has ironically reserved his name as the high-hitter for UAE. His love for starting the proceedings with a six is well known. 
Amjad Javed (UAE): A home-grown cricketer, Amjad Javed is a terrifying menace with the ball. Though his technique lacks pace, he makes up for it with accuracy and the ability to the swing the ball away. His appetite for big wickets is a relatively common thing in the UAE.  

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