That was a fast end! India was sure to win from the very first instance they stepped on the pitch, but may be, somewhere people hoped that it would be a competitive match. But that was truly an ideal comparison of how first-class performances outpower a growing force. UAE tried its best, but it wasn’t enough from the beginning of the match itself. 

FOUR! And that’s the boundary for the night. The match is over. India beats UAE by 8 wickets. 

* End of 10th Over: India 78/1. One boundary in this over. Yuvraj ( 4 ) 

SIX! That has been lifted perfectly by Yuvraj Singh. It will cross the boundary, no doubt about that. 

* This is Yuvraj’s 50th appearance in T20I. 

* End of 8th Over: India 62/1. Three boundaries in this over. ( Dhawan 4, 4) 

* Yuvraj Singh comes in Rohit Sharma. 

* End of 7th Over: India 47/1. One boundary by Dhawan to break the maiden at the last ball. ( 4 ) 

* India need 39 from 14 overs. 

* End of 6th Over: India 43/1. Two boundaries by Sharma ( 4, 4,) 

WICKET! Rohit Sharma has been caught out by Mohammad Naveed. Good ball by Qadeer Ahmed. RG Sharma out for 39. 

* End of 5th Over: India 35/0. 1 run on the no ball. Two consecutive boundaries (4, 4) 

* No ball by Naveed. A free hit is going at this hour is just on the brink of ridicule. 

That’s two boundaries in a row again. ( 4, 4,) 

* End of 4th Over: India 24/0. 

Four! That’s 14 right there. 

Four and a Six! A clean sweep by Rohit Sharma on the second one. This is going to end sooner than we thought. 

* End of 3rd Over: India 8/0. Dhawan slightly uncomfortable with his shots, but this is more or less a practice match for India. 

* End of 2nd Over: India 7/0. 

* End of 1st Over: India 5/0. One boundary by Rohit Sharma. (4)

* First over by Mohammad Naveed. 

* Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma opening for India here. 


That’s the first inning of the match, folks. A great many shots aimed towards the boundary, but most of them nulled by fielders and by the sheer distance also. UAE was a class apart from India, and the sluggishness with which the team stacked up it’s score proved that it was a daunting task for them. Shaiman Anwar, with 43 runs under his name, has stayed true to his reputation – a big scorer at every big game. Applause to UAE for exhausting their arsenal to put up a strong fight. Let’s see what the second innings has for us. 

* End of 20th Over: UAE 81/9. 

OUT! Shaiman Anwar, the infamous six-hitter from UAE, has been ousted finally. A desperate run in the field, and Dhoni has shot straight at the wicket. Shaiman Anwar is out after registering 43. 

* End of 19th Over: Mohammad Naveed caught by Negi. Bowled out by Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Naveed out for 5. 

SIX! That escalated quickly! Shaiman Anwar pulls out great shot for Bumrah’s ball. 

* End of 18th Over: UAE 71/7. Yuvraj Singh’s over. 

* End of 17th Over: UAE 66/7. 

OUT! Negi takes out Fahad Tariq. He’s gone out for 3. 

* End of 16th Over: UAE 62/6. 

OUT! Muhammad Kameel is out! He’s been bowled out by Yuvraj Singh. 

* End of 15th Over: UAE 57/5. 

* End of 14th Over: UAE 55/5. 

* Muhammad Kaleem in for Amjad Javed. 

That’s sad, folks. Amjad is out for duck. Bowled by Harbhajan, caught by Negi. It seems UAE will have the hardest time registering 100 runs. 

* Captain Amjad is in the field now. All relys on him. 

* End of 13th Over: UAE 52/4. 

OUT! Pawan has done it simple. A massive shot by Usman, but it’s inside the field. Harbhajan receives the ball. Usman out for 9. 

* Here is Pawan Negi finally. The costlier player of the IPL. Let’s see what he has in his sleeves. 

* End of 12th Over: UAE 42/3. 

* That’s an appeal for a run out. The umpire has signaled for the third umpire. But it’s not an out. 

* End of 11th Over: UAE 39/3. 

That’s a clever shot by Muhammad Usman. He’s found the space and drove the ball through it. A four! 

* End of 10th Over: 32/3. 

* End of 9th Over: UAE 25/3. A wicket and a maiden over. 

* Muhammad Usman replaces Mustafa. 

OUT! That’s as long as Mustafa can hang on to the game. He’s been caught out by Virat Kohli. Bowled by Pandya for 11. 

* End of 8th Over: UAE 25/2. A maiden over by Harbhajan Singh, 

* Harbhajan Singh bowling now. 

* End of 7th Over: UAE 25/2. A good over by Pandya. 

* End of 6th Over: UAE 21/2. One boundary in the over (4). 

* End of 5th Over: UAE 14/2. 

* That would’ve been an out if Raina had caught it behind the wicket. But the ball grazes his hand. It’s a four. 

* End of 4th Over: UAE 7/2. 

Boundary! That’s a four from Shaiman Anwar who has just replaced Mohammad Shahzad. 

OUT! That’s a wicket from Bumrah. Mohammad Shahzad has been caught for a duck. 

* UAE seems to be in a frazzles condition as of this moment. Batsmen are reluctant about openly driving the ball out. 

* End of 3rd Over: UAE 1/1.

OUT! That’s a poor shot by SP Patil. He’s been caught easily by Kumar. Patil out for 1. 

* End of 2nd Over: UAE 1/0. 

* End of 1st Over: UAE 0/0. Maiden over by Bhuvneshwar Kumar. 

* Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowling the first over. 

UAE’S opener: Rohan Mustafa, Swapnil Patil

* Dhoni is giving a chance to his bench strength, probably because of the dead rubber situation of the match. 

* It’s a dead rubber for India: The outcome of the game does not, in any way, affect India’s ranking in the Asia Cup. 

* It’s time for debutant Pavan Negi to prove himself. Let’s see how it all comes out! 

* MS Dhoni said he wanted India to bat first. 

* UAE have won the toss and chosen to bat first. Pavan Negi debuts for India. 


India’s squad: S Dhawan, RG Sharma, V Kohli, SK Raina, Yuvraj Singh, HH Pandya, MS Dhoni*†, P Negi, Harbhajan Singh, B Kumar, JJ Bumrah

United ARab Emirates squad: Rohan Mustafa, Muhammad Kaleem, Mohammad Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Muhammad Usman, Amjad Javed*, Mohammad Naveed, SP Patil†, Qadeer Ahmed, Fahad Tariq, Ahmed Raza


Gaurav: “Surely Negi will have a debut today. All eyes would be on him”

Palash Bangur: “Pandya up the order may not be a bad experiment. It could turn out to be a plus.” — It can backfire as well

Here we go, folks! India has warmed up enough already, it only needs to unleash. India’s fourth match in the Asia Cup, this match against United Arab Emirates (UAE) is just a stepping stone for India to cruise into the finals. India is No.1 in T20 rankings, and UAE is in the 16th. But that will not serve as a precedence for anything; the crucial part of the game will depend upon individual performances and collective choices made in the game.  

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